Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 19, 2008

POA president spells out Tansi sewer issue

By now, many of you have heard of the action taken by the Cumberland County Financial Committee Monday, Nov. 17. For those of you who have not, I will try and explain, and for those of you who have, I will try to amplify so that there are no misunderstandings.

Some time back there was a grant from the EPA to Cumberland County to study a plan for sewers in Tansi. This study was ongoing during the same time we were embarking, out of necessity, on plans to design and build the membrane bio-reactor waste system currently under construction.

As a result of efforts by our engineers and the capital improvement committee, Cumberland County has transferred the balance of the original grant funds and directed that those funds be utilized to design, permit and hopefully begin to install a sewer system that will directly tie into out membrane plant. ECE Engineers will provide all engineering services in this effort.

The original funds will not be available to offset costs of the original membrane plant construction.

What they will do is offset some of the costs for engineering, permitting and ultimately construction and expansion of the system so that a sewer system can, at last, be provided to our residents.

This represents a huge step forward in our efforts to provide sewer services to Tansi. It will open doors to opportunities yet to be realized.

We are extremely grateful to Mayor Hill and the commissioners and finance committee members of Cumberland County for their most needed assistance in our endeavors.

Duke Coyne