Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 30, 2014

Winner-Winner LTV Association Dinner

By Rebekah K. Bohannon Beeler
Signals feature writer

CROSSVILLE — The Lake Tansi Village Association (LTVA) held its monthly potluck dinner at the Thunderbird on April 15. The buffet was set, the tables were full and the LTVA had a great time listening to the entertaining style of the Plateau Old-Time German Band.

To-die-for turkey and ham was furnished by LTVA and prepared by Pat Bergh and Jean Saal. All the fancy fixins’ including side dishes, appetizers, desserts, and entrées prepared by LTVA members. From the lasagna to the Easter basket cupcakes, everything was incredible.

After the delicious meal, the LTVA recognized guests joining in the association’s dinner, some from Tansi, from Johnson City and some Muncie, Ind. Members celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in April were also acknowledged. Despite the unruly weather, with its snow and freezing temperatures typical of a Dogwood Winter, the turn-out was, as usual, not affected. Members of the LTVA love to get together.

The Plateau Old-Time German Band then took the stage to entertain the well-fed attendees of the LTVA April Dinner. The 13-piece band played waltzes and polkas and made LTVA officers Jean Saal and Darlene Knobloch honorary band members and placed on their heads green hats for the night. The Lichtenstein Polka inspired some to dance. After a handful of songs, making everyone laugh, someone from the crowd asked out loud, “Do you have any Italian music?”

The Pennsylvania Polka was lively enough that several got up to dance. The band leader prefaced the Anvil Polka with a brief history explaining that German folk bands would create tunes for the millers, the lumberjacks, those who worked in agriculture, and blacksmiths. The Anvil Polka was written to play percussion with an anvil and hammers to reflect the trade.

Jean Saal, president of the LTVA, excitedly said, “We are growing! Look at this crowd! I was concerned a bit with the weather acting up. But the weather was bad in January and everyone still came out. It’s just good fellowship!”

It may have something to do with the fact that some of the best cooks in the county are members of LTVA, or the conversations are so easy. Either way, there is always a great time to be had at the LTVA Dinners every third Tuesday of the month at the T-Bird.

When the band took a break, Saal wanted to make a presentation to longtime avid Tansi member and friend, Joan Coffey, who is moving to New York. Saal called Coffey up to the podium and emotionally handed her a gift to thank her for all she has done for her service to the LTVA and other Tansi organizations and clubs. With tears in her eyes and a catch in her throat, Joan Coffey said, “Thank you. It’s been great living here and I don’t want to leave.”

When the news of Coffey leaving settled on the crowd a bit followed by warm embraces and well wishes, the Plateau Old-Time German Band continued to play, LTVA members continued to dance and everyone continued to have a really great time.

The Easter basket centerpieces served as a unique way to do door prizes. Everyone at each table chose and egg and each table had a prize egg. Saal then called on Pat Bergh, Arlene Mercadante, Darlene Knobloch, and Pam Hodgson to stand with her and said, “I present this year’s club officers.” This dazzling and enthusiastic gaggle of LTVA officers will undoubtedly be a power pack to propel the association into a year’s worth of entertaining and pleasurable evenings. Everyone was very pleased at the announcement of the club officers. The LTVA is already making the initial plans for its annual Western Night.

The Plateau Old-Time German Band concluded with the “Beer Barrel Polka” to which many members sang, clapped, tapped toes, and danced. As the dinner adjourned, the band played “Rocky Top” polka style as an encore.  

There’s never a dull moment at the LTVA Dinners and there’s never a friend more than a stone’s throw away. For more information about the LTVA and the monthly dinners, contact Jean Saal at 742-0194.