Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

January 28, 2014

LT rings in New Year with Bingo Party

By Rebekah K. Bohannon Beeler
Signals feature writer

CROSSVILLE — The Thunderbird Recreation Center was a full house on Dec. 31, kicking off New Year’s Eve celebrations with a Bingo Bash hosted by the Lake Tansi Recreation Committee. Ladies and gents donned their festive Happy New Year crowns and party hats and young ones were entertained with noisemakers, balloons and confetti. Even the Christmas tree was decorated for New Year’s.

The Recreation Committee decided to begin the Bingo Bash earlier this year and was finished with plenty of time to attend New Year’s Eve parties or to get home and cozy up to watch the countdown. The Bingo Bash was the perfect way to start a brand new year and is just one of the many examples of activities the Lake Tansi Recreation Committee offers.

After eating scrumptious appetizers and delectable dishes, the games began. So many variations of Bingo were played from Layer Cake Bingo to Cover All Bingo with the added suspense of wild numbers. With every number called, the tension would build as players hurriedly scanned their cards and shut the number windows anticipating a Bingo at any moment. A sudden pipe on a party horn from across the room would signal another who would respond with his duck call, momentarily cutting the tension. Soon, the intensity would surmount and hang heavy in the air until someone finally stopped the game by shouting three envious words, “I’ve got Bingo!”  

Making the Bingo Bash family time, Roy and Laurie Vickers along with daughter, Katrina, made a night of it. Katrina Vickers proved herself a lucky Bingo champ – her stash of Bingo cash was jokingly referred to as “Katrina’s college fund.” The enthusiasm and spirit of community amplified by the activities hosted by the Recreation Committee is unsurpassed at Lake Tansi. When Lake Tansians get together, it’s nothing short of fun.

The Lake Tansi Recreation Committee hosts quality community events all year long. The committee is also working on its new Facebook page to help community members keep up with events, weather and activities. Visit Facebook and search Lake Tansi Recreation Department to view their new page. For other questions about upcoming events call the Thunderbird Recreation Center at 788-6282.