Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 24, 2013

Lake Tansi Bass Club reinstates old school bass rules for 2013

By Rebekah K. Bohannon Beeler
Signals contributor

CROSSVILLE — The Lake Tansi Bass Club is gearing up for its 2013 season, luring Lake Tansi sportsmen to get their bass boats in ship shape for an anglers’ paradise of competitive tournaments. The first tournament was held April 18 and will continue every other Thursday, except August 22, until September 5.

Casey Mullen has taken back over as the director of the Lake Tansi Bass Club and has reinstated club procedure, rules and regulations identical to those they had practiced when he inherited leadership of the club for six years. Tournaments are set for Thursday evenings beginning at 6 p.m. and will weigh-in at 11 p.m. Mullen has also reallocated the prize moneys to include prizes for this season’s biggest fish.

“Everyone has a competitive nature, which brings out this completely different aspect of fishing. Not only do you compete against the fish, but you are also competing against other club members. That’s the fun nature of competition,” said Mullen.

Prizes are awarded after every weigh-in to the top contenders based on overall weight of up to five fish as well as for biggest fish. Points are recorded on how each team finishes individual tournaments for the opportunity to win the $200 points leader at the end of the season. Records will also be kept for anglers to snag the $100 2013 Biggest Fish award.

“It is really a whole lot of fun. We all come out and enjoy fishing and the competition,” said Don Moore, one of Lake Tansi Marina’s CFOs (Chief Fishing Officer) and Bass Club member. “I am really excited about the changes Mullen has brought to the club this year.”

Potential members must pay a club membership fee of $20 for the season to join and Bass Club members must fish at least half of the tournaments to qualify for the fish off scheduled for September 19, considered to be the Super Bowl of the Lake Tansi Bass Club tournaments. Club members have the option of fishing as singles, with an entry fee of $20, or on two-person teams, with an entry fee of $35. Tournaments are open to all Lake Tansi members with a boat registered to the Lake Tansi Marina and may invite a “guest” to be a teammate. Each Lake Tansi Bass Club tournament is being sponsored by Mom’s Tackle Box located at 726 Hwy. 70 in Crossville.

“Hopefully, we can build the club up, but the main goal is to have fun and be safe,” said Mullen.

For more information regarding the Lake Tansi Bass Club contact Casey Mullen at 931-284-2009.