Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 28, 2013

Willard J. Collis — Candidate for Board of Directors


CROSSVILLE — Background information:

Retired, Self-employed from 1978 to present. Restaurant Manager in New

Jersey and Florida from 1972 until 2006.

Brief description of responsibilities:

In the restaurant businesses, I managed the staff scheduling, hiring and firing, ordering of food, liquor and supplies. I planned and oversaw private parties and events. At the same time, I owned a boarding kennel for cats and dogs to include grooming and a small manufacturing plant. In those self-employed ventures, I was involved in all areas of the businesses from the day-to-day care, manangement and production to advertising and accounts receivable and payable.

Education: High School Graduation 1961

Community involvement:

1. Is there any reason that would prevent you from attending the POA board meetings as well as any other POA board activity requiring your participation?


2. I am an active member in the following clubs/organizations.

I am presently the Chairman of the POA Food and Beverage Committee and on the POA Golf Committee.

3. Prior civic involvement: (Boards, Commission, Council, etc.)

I was always part of the Chamber of Commerce during my restaurant career. I am also a Vietnam Veteran 1967 – '68.

4. What do you feel are the most important issues facing the Lake Tansi Board of Directors and residents of Lake Tansi?

Resolving the sewer issue, increasing the revenue, balancing the budget and attracting new members.

5. If elected, what do you feel you can contribute to the long range success of Lake Tansi Village as a Resort/Retirement Community?

As in any successful undertaking, one must possess the qualities I know I can offer which are: good organization and communication skills, teamwork, dedication and plain old common sense.

6. What do you see as the major issues facing Lake Tansi Village in the five to 10 years?

1. Becoming self-sufficient.

2. Having a successful marketing program to attract new members, tournaments and leagues.

3. Building a comfortable reserve to maintain our amenities.

4. Solving the vegetation problems in our lake water.

7.  Please list any pertinent information you would like to present.

I would like to see a more positive attitude and camaraderie between all facets of the POA.  There seems to be a fixation on the sewer issue as the only important issue we face. The sewer issue is important, but the POA needs the energy and support of the community to focus on other issues as well.