Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 28, 2013

Challenges facing Lake Tansi

By Gary Dillon
Signals contributor

CROSSVILLE — Lake Tansi – it’s a really good place to live, play, retire, meet new neighbors and enjoy old friends. In June, I wrote about the Lake Tansi POA – its history, organization and structure, as well as its finances. Last month, I covered some of the amenities and activities available to POA members; and this month, I want to give you my thoughts on future challenges and opportunities for our community.

To start off, the big challenge most people know about is settling our sewer issues: resolving sewer equipment ownership issues; resolving septic problems with Crockett properties; etc. Because all these issues are in the legal system, I can’t comment beyond what you can read in the Crossville Chronicle or Smoke Signals.

Another challenge you may be aware of is reducing or eliminating our $2 million plus bank debt, so approximately $125,000 in required annual principal and interest payments could be used for community improvements. Again, the board has developed a five year plan to reduce our debt by $1 million, so I won’t cover that in detail in this article.

What I do want to discuss are opportunities to improve the things that make Lake Tansi a really good place to live. Listed below are 27 items that I and your POA Board believe would enhance our community. They include relatively minor things like replacing deck furniture at the beach, replacing our aging paddleboats, new carpet in our pro shop and 19th hole restaurant, more sand for our beach and replacing the weather siren that services the golf course and beach – to major things, like weed control in our lakes, tennis court resurfacing and a new indoor pool building and pool. These types of improvements help keep our community special for ourselves, our guests and visitors.

Unfortunately, our five year financial plan directs any discretionary funds to reduce our debt, so we don’t have money to make much needed repairs and improvements. The board has tried several times for approval of a dues increase to fund improvements, but those efforts have not been successful. This year the board is pursuing a one-time $100 assessment as a means to generate funds for amenity enhancements. If approved, 100 percent of special assessment moneys would go for defined upgrades, with none of the money going for operational expenses or debt reduction. Article 9.04 of our By-Laws specifies six steps that the POA Board must go through before this special assessment can be approved, including identifying the specific projects and their cost. All POA members in good standing will get an opportunity to vote for or against the proposal. A ballot will be included in the annual meeting packet, which will be mailed to members in late August. That ballot can be returned with the POA board election ballot and the results of the Special Assessment vote will be announced at the Annual Meeting on Oct. 17.

Between now and then, the board will be working on ways to publicize the proposed projects and their projected cost, and to get your input on the proposed projects.

We really do live in a special place here in Lake Tansi. I want to keep our community special, and we need funds to make needed upgrades to our amenities.  Improvements not only enhance our quality of life, but also increase our property values.