Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

November 20, 2013

GM Report: Rain impacts our community

By Gary Dillon
General Manager

CROSSVILLE — My comments for this issue will focus more on all of 2013 and 2014 instead of just September or October activities. I’ve thought about this past year, which was my first full year as your General Manager. I can summarize the major impact on Tansi in one word - rain. Remember July 4th when we got a record 1.95 inches of rain? In fact, right now we are seven inches above normal for the year and partially, as a result of the wet year, cabin rentals and golf course usage were down versus last year. But, on the other hand, our marina usage was up, our lakes were full, fishing was excellent and we didn’t have to water the golf course as much as last year. So, although we had lots of rain clouds, we also had some silver linings to those clouds.

This year we had community festivals on Memorial Day weekend and again in October with Cruise Ins, inflatables for the kids, a band, crafts and treasure sales and lots of good food. Unfortunately, our July 4th community event was rained out. Also, new this past year was the Quack Shack. What a great asset, with movie nights on the beach, and other new activities for everyone to enjoy. Next year will be bigger and better yet.

The Cannons are leasing our 19th Hole Restaurant and the Killeens are now leasing the Country Club. Jerry Turner took over as the Security Department Chief, replacing Henry Hunnicutt, and Carl Flanagan has been filling in for Roberta Reese as the Marina manager. And although we didn’t do any major upgrades to any our of amenities, we did maintain what we own and made some improvements, such as painting the interior of the POA Office and redoing several Tansi and golf course signs. And we were able to do these things while significantly reducing our debt.

The County Road Department has spent some time in Tansi recently, resurfacing some roads with chip and tar and paved two roads. There is a list of these roads available at the POA Office. All things considered 2013 was a good year.

As I look ahead to 2014, I plan to continue things we started this year, like community festival days and Quack Shack activities, and I will work with our Recreation Department to add some new activities as well. I am hopeful that our sewer issues and lawsuits will be resolved. And although I am disappointed that our request for assessment monies for much needed upgrades was rejected, I am confident that we will be able to use monies we receive to either maintain or improve our existing amenities and at the same time continue to reduce our bank debt.

I would like to thank my office staff, supervisors and all of our employees for the hard work and dedication that makes Lake Tansi a great place to call home and to visit. I am looking forward to another great year for Lake Tansi in 2014.