Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 29, 2012

Let's Talk: Why we need a dues increase

By Gary Dillon
POA General Manager

CROSSVILLE — First of all, if you missed the Security Fund Raiser event at the beach, you missed a great evening. The atmosphere, music and food were a big success. I would also like to thank all of the volunteers for their hard work. It was a great effort on everyone’s part. We are planning more events like this next year during the summer season. I am really looking forward to it. 

I would like to talk to you about why the POA needs a dues increase. In 2003, a $35 increase was voted in, and then, in 2005, a $10 increase was voted in. Folks, that was seven years ago and our buildings and amenities really show it. The Board of Directors is again asking for a $2.08 a month dues increase which equals out to be $25 per year. The board has compiled a list of areas the dues increase will be used towards:

• Retain present level of security

• Country Club restaurant roof

• Beach and recreation area picnic tables and lounge chairs

• Outdoor pool skimmers and underground piping

• Return lines repairs at indoor pool

• Rental pontoon boat and fishing boats at marina

• Tennis court resurfacing

• Exterior building painting

• Miniature golf carpet replacement

• POA office copier machine

• Replacement furniture in cabins

• Parking lot asphalt repairs and sealing

We are not just a retirement community. We are a resort. We offer a service to all the members and guests, and we need to maintain and provide them with the best amenities and facilities we can offer. Over the years this has declined because of no dues increase. Budget cuts effect everything and everybody. We cannot keep robbing Peter to pay Paul. People will not want to keep coming to a place that is the same year after year. We need a fresh start making Lake Tansi a place members and guests will be proud of. Let’s turn this place around. I could throw facts and figures at you but what it boils down to is we need a dues increase to be able to maintain and operate to the best for our members. In closing, I am asking you to vote yes for a dues increase. Have a great day.


Gary Dillon is the General Manager of Lake Tansi Village Property Owners Association.