Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 26, 2014

Membership shows support for amenity improvements

By Farrell Odom
Signals contributor

CROSSVILLE — After the failed request in 2013 for approval of a one-time $100 assessment, some Lake Tansi members are showing their resilience and determination.

In their concern to help with the continued safety and enjoyment of those who live, visit, and are invested in Lake Tansi Village, a number of members complied with a suggestion attached with their annual dues invoicing and included an additional $100 with their dues payment this year.

To date, $8,450 from approximately 77 member families has been received and is being held separately for allocation toward those capital improvements listed in last year’s request.

The proposed assessment (which failed approval by 412 votes) had been projected to provide $486,000, which would have fully met the funding necessary for the amenity improvement, updating, and safety concerns that were evaluated last year.

While the current donations are far short of $486,000, it is hoped that the number of members feeling it important to support these safety and improvement needs will increase significantly through the year.

The Lake Tansi Village Property Owners Association board is working diligently to provide the information and transparency needed to help each one in our membership make decisions that are proper for them individually. It is believed that this effort will ultimately help some who might have felt negatively about the assessment request last year, to feel differently at some point in the near future.

Any additional members who voted yes to last year’s request, or who have reconsidered their no vote or abstention, can certainly join with those who have already donated their $100 assessment.

A record of the members and their contributions for this particular effort is being kept, so that should membership approve a similar request in near time, those who have already contributed will be credited as having already participated to the extent of their contribution.

In any event, the use of every dollar received in these efforts will be closely evaluated and applied solely to the completion of those most needed items listed in last year’s request.

Your participation in these matters is part of what makes Lake Tansi Village so great.