Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

June 26, 2013

Getting to know Lake Tansi

By Gary Dillon
Signals contributor

CROSSVILLE — Lake Tansi: it’s a really good place to live, play, retire, meet new neighbors and enjoy old friends. But how much do you really know about our community and Property Owner’s Association? Over the next three months I will submit articles which will focus on our organizational structure and finances, the next on our amenities and activities, and the final article will cover challenges and opportunities for Lake Tansi in the future.

Lake Tansi started in 1961, when Cosby Harrison and others envisioned a resort in this area (Cumberland Plateau Resorts). They built a dam forming Lake Tansi, (at 2,400 feet it’s the second largest earthen dam in the state of Tennessee), an airstrip and cabins. From those beginnings in 1961, our community has progressed to the current 5,500 acre residential community with four lakes, a golf course, 10,000 residential lots and 92 miles of roads. Approximately 3,000 people live in Lake Tansi.

The Property Owner’s Association was formed in 1977 and POA members currently own about 70 percent of the residential lots at Lake Tansi. The POA is led by a nine member board of directors who are elected and serve three year terms. One of the board members represents the timeshare condos located in Lake Tansi and one represents the Holiday Out RV Park. The general manager has overall responsibility for six departments (golf; security; lakes and marina; recreation; maintenance; and general and administrative).

The POA has an administrative office which is staffed from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Board meetings, which are open to all POA members, are held most months of the year. Overall, the Lake Tansi POA has 19 fulltime and 53 seasonal employees with an annual payroll (wages and benefits) of $1,083,500.

The POA has two primary governing documents: by-laws, most recently revised in October 2008 with some amendments added later, and Architectural Control Building Rules and Regulations, updated 2010 that also has a couple of amendments to it also. Those documents, as well as board minutes, financial reports, a listing of current board members, key operating personnel and much more information can be found by going to the POA website: In addition, restrictive covenants for each lot in Lake Tansi can be found at the Cumberland County Register of Deeds office.

Lake Tansi’s 2013 income budget is $2,466,900, with 59 percent of income coming from member dues; 22 percent from golf; 10 percent from cabin rentals; four percent from the marina and the remaining five percent from recreation, restaurants and miscellaneous. Budgeted expenses, before depreciation, total $2,344,900 with 29 percent going for general and administrative; 26 percent golf; 11 percent security; 10 percent facilities and grounds maintenance; eight percent recreation; six percent cabins; four percent lakes and marina; two percent debt principal and the remaining four percent capital improvements and miscellaneous. Most of the projected $122,000 net income will go toward reducing our current $2.2 million bank debt. Our five year financial plan can be found on our website.

In a nutshell, that’s Lake Tansi’s organizational structure and finances. In July, I will write about our amenities and activities, and in August, challenges and opportunities. I welcome any questions or input you have on these articles, and can be reached at the POA Office at 788-6721, or e-mail at