Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

June 26, 2013

Join the Cumberland Food Buying Club

By Judy Pearson
Signals contributor

CROSSVILLE — Food buying clubs are open to anyone who wants to purchase good healthful foods free of toxic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup and perhaps most importantly, GMOs (genetically modified foods). As more and more people become aware of the need to eat foods that are closer to what nature intended, they are looking for local sources for the best foods for themselves and their families.

The Cumberland Food Buying Club is an all volunteer organization in which everyone has a “job” and everyone enjoys the wonderful healthful food. Food buying clubs are very welcoming to new members, and everyone enjoys the great cooperation and fellowship of a group of like-minded individuals interested in good food.

Food is distributed out of United Foods in Atlanta, and arrives on Mondays every four weeks. Food is ordered via computer on the United Foods website. The selection is very broad and includes grains, pasta, dried fruit, nuts, canned goods, cheese and yogurt, canned and frozen meats and fish, frozen meals, soy foods, food supplements, personal care items and many foods for those lactose or glucose-intolerant or wishing to lead a vegetarian lifestyle. The vast array of foods available may boggle the mind to start, but you’ll soon find your favorites, and learn from other club members what they think is especially good.

Membership in the Cumberland Food Buying Club is very reasonable: a $20 lifetime payment per family. There is also a small (2-3 percent) surcharge added to orders to cover the cost of operating the club. The Cumberland Food Buying Club meets twice a year to discuss any policy changes and updates.

While fresh foods are not currently available to food buying clubs in Crossville, we are fortunate to have a wonderful farmer’s market open spring, summer and fall on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays next to the Community Complex, and the Crossville Sustainable Farmers Market that also provides fresh local produce, mostly organically grown, on Thursday afternoons at the Crossville Depot. In addition to farm-fresh produce, the Crossville Sustainable Farmers Market offers organically grown meats, milk, cheese, and baked goods. When it comes to the food we eat, everyone seems to be looking for locally-sourced foods these days and we are fortunate to have them here.

If you’ve been considering adding more healthful foods to your menus, give the Cumberland Food Buying Club membership chairperson Judy Pearson a call at 788-5445. There are currently openings available.  For more info, check out our website at

The other food buying club in Crossville is centered on the very popular book “Eat Right for Your Blood Type.”  If you are interested in that program, give Larry Nesbit a call at 456-9245.