Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

February 25, 2014

Board committed to keeping community informed

By Farrell Odom
POA Board President

CROSSVILLE — Our board of directors would like to express thanks to each person who has called or otherwise contacted us with ideas of support, growth, and (for that matter) criticism.

We are appreciative of all individuals, both past and present, who share their time, services, dollars, and efforts to help make Tansi the very special community it is.

Over the past few years, differences of opinion and misunderstandings, especially over water and sewer issues, have caused us all concern. That, combined with generally difficult economic times, may have given some outside our community the thought that we are not good at resolving our issues.

The people of Lake Tansi Village have worked their way through many difficult issues in the past.

A bankruptcy court decision regarding disposition of the Tansi Sewer Utility District is coming soon. At this time, we have little information as to what that decision will be. Whether that decision pleases us or not, it will help finalize this particular issue and will put a lot of differences, problems, and concerns behind us.

This board has inherited some of the same problems that any POA will have, such as reducing the association’s financial concerns; maintaining and improving amenities; helping improve property values; and properly communicating community and association needs to the membership.

We especially realize the importance of good communication as a prerequisite to the success of any endeavor. As part of our effort, we will utilize every reasonable means to communicate and keep our membership informed.

The POA website (, Smoke Signal articles, Tansi Dispatch (email blasts), printed materials (at the Marina, Pro Shop, Thunderbird, 19th Hole, Killeen’s, Community Center), and even our billboard sign in front of the golf course parking lot will be used more frequently and kept up-to-date on both events and topics.

The board has introduced a venue called “DID YOU KNOW,” which is being launched through the Tansi Dispatch and will be entered in our other communication sources when appropriate. Through this medium we will keep the members up-to-date on current concerns in a timely manner. 

The “DID YOU KNOW” section will also be used to give in depth information about amenities, activities, clubs, programs, and people here at Tansi. From this information, many members will find additional outlets of interest and fulfillment through avenues they may not have previously realized Lake Tansi Village held.

This board’s vision is to achieve the confidence and satisfaction of our membership through a proactive structure of decisions that enrich the safety, enjoyment, and unity of Lake Tansi Village. 

We look forward to serving you this year and invite your continued input.