Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 21, 2010

TSUD applies for $9.82M in grant funding

By Pauline Sherrer
Signals publisher

LAKE TANSI — 9.82 million dollars of grant have been applied for on behalf of the Tansi Sewer Utility District (TSUD) according to Duke Coyne, TSUD general manager.

Grants applied for are: USDA, 4.66 million; State Revolving Fund, $500 engineering and planning, and 4.66 million for construction cost, plant and infra-structure.

Phase One of the sewer project: POA amenities

Phase Two: Cravens, Deer Run

Phase Three A: Time Share

Phase 3B: North end of Cherokee Trail, Ona, Seminole Loop, Arrowhead, Ridley, Shawnee Sector, Navajo Section, most of Pueblo Drive.

According to Coyne, once infra-structure is done and phase three completed, 584 homes will have sewer available. “We hope more financing can be obtained and sewer can be provided to Pawnee, Cherokee Trail east, Santee, Indian Village, and Dakota Landing.”

“I am 99 percent sure that we will get a NPDES non-pollution discharge permit, which will enable us to operate our sewer plant. We added an ultra-violet system, which will make the discharge water out of the plant 100 percent bacteria and virus free. You can drink water out of our plant,” voiced Coyne.

Recently Coyne spoke with an engineer in Australia who operates a plant very similar to ours. The plant is located on Magnetic Island and discharges directly into the waters around the Great Barrier Reef. That is how environmentally sound this system is,” stated Coyne.

He said he felt a major portion of the Lake Tansi area will have service within the next 5-7 years. Also, they hoped to be able to irrigate the condo area on the 18th fairway, property owned by the POA on Seminole Loop, and other areas needing irrigation adjacent to the golf course. “The more areas irrigated with the discharge water from the membrane bio-reactor system, the better the state likes our project, “stated Coyne.

When Coyne was asked when Arrowhead Drive would have sewer, he responded, “If funded, the main line should be installed by the end of 2010 or by this time in 2011.”

“We would like to thank County Mayor Brock Hill for leading the way with our sewer project and for contacting Senator Bill Frist and Senator Lamar Alexander to bring them on board to help with this major project,” Coyne said.

Coyne concluded the interview saying, “Our goal at TSUD is to bring sewer service to all our district as quickly and economically as possible.”