Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 28, 2013

Brenda Toodle — Candidate for Recreation Committee Chair


CROSSVILLE — Background information:

Teacher, Counselor, Software Administrator – Detroit Public Schools 1962 – '94.

Brief description of responsibilities:

Taught Special Education and elementary grades 3 - 6, Elementary Counselor (Certified for K - 12), Approved all software in school district, arranged for contracts with various

software companies

Education: B.S. in Education, Masters

Community involvement:

1. Is there any reason that would prevent you from attending the POA Board meetings as well as any other POA Board activity requiring your participation?


2. I am an active member in the following clubs/organizations.

Recreation Committee Chairperson, Lake Tansi Hospice Auxiliary President since

2004, Lake Tansi Lake Patrol.

3. Prior civic involvement: (Boards, Commissions, Councils, etc).

Hospice Board of Cumberland County.

4. What do you feel are the most important issues facing the Lake Tansi Board of

Directors and residents of Lake Tansi in relation to the committee you wish to chair?

Raising money to subsidize what the Board of Directors cannot provide due to reduced funds.

5. If elected, what do you feel you can contribute to the long range success of Lake

Tansi Village as a Resort/Retirement Community?

Since Recreation is an important part of Lake Tansi, anything that helps the Recreation Department will benefit the entire community.

6. Please list any pertinent information you would like to present.

Besides being active in the Lake Tansi Recreation Committee, Lake Tansi Hospice Auxiliary and the Lake Patrol, I was a member of the Lake Tansi Planning Committee, a member and president of Lake Tansi F. C. E and a member of the Lake Tansi Women’s Club.