Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 19, 2013

Pan Fish Club donates to restock the lake

By Rebekah K. Bohannon Beele

CROSSVILLE — On Oct. 20, Small Pan Fish Anglers Club President Pat Sawchuk presented a sizable donation to Lakes Committee Chairman Carl Flanigan to go towards the fund to restock the lake.

Flanigan has been working hard to insure the fishing on Lake Tansi remains competitive by initiating the Restock the Lake Fund. He has collaborated with and collected monies from various entities, such as the Small Pan Fish Club, to be able to raise enough money to restock the lake this coming spring. Flanigan hopes to enlist the assistance of the Lake Tansi POA board in this project.

“Fishing is important to LakeTansi. It’s one of the biggest attractions here. And, in order to manage Lake Tansi well and offer her residents and guests the opportunity to fish, we have to help her out,” stated Flanigan.

Last season, the Small Pan Fish Club pooled extra money together from its rodeos and donated $218. This year, the club was able to nearly double its donation, to the tune of $400, for the Restock the Lake Fund.

“We were so proud to be able to present Carl this donation in the worthwhile effort to restock our favorite lake,” Sawchuk said. “The Pan Club has long supported the Lakes Committee and appreciates its work, dedication and service towards keeping Lake Tansi beautiful and balanced.”

At the Pan Fish Club’s final meeting and Fish Fry, what was left of the club’s bank was divided equally among its members. Club members directly donated their share to restock the lake. The Pan Fish Club and the Lakes Committee are dedicated to being good stewards of the land and replenishing the bounty and beauty the lake gives the community each year.

Flanigan plans to restock the lake with crappie and blue gill at the beginning of this coming spring. For more information on how to help restock Lake Tansi contact Carl Flanigan with the Lakes Committee at 788-5351.