Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 12, 2012

Letters to the Editor (Published Dec. 13, 2012)


CROSSVILLE — Pay down the national debt

Dear editor,

How about this? Suppose the millionaires and billionaires who donated to the election campaigns would donate millions and billions to pay down the national debt? Instead of wasting their money on negative campaign ads, they could make a direct, significant difference immediately on the state of our country. Consider the ramifications of such an action: This would lower what we owe to China thereby removing the threat of a takeover by another government. It would help stabilize our economy allowing more money to be spent on rebuilding our failing infrastructure. That would mean great numbers of workers could be hired to work as engineers, architects, laborers, secretaries, accountants, drafts people, surveyors, foremen, etc. to rebuild our bridges, roads, schools, and government buildings. This would drastically reduce our unemployment rate and raise the standard of living for many who are now at the poverty level. Then more attention could be paid to the disadvantaged in helping them attain training for better jobs to raise their standard of living. With more people employed, they would be spending more money on the necessities and luxuries of life, which would increase the income of the businesses selling those items. That would mean more taxes would be collected from those sales and the national debt could be retired. 

Why would the millionaires and billionaires do this? How about for the recognition of having done a great deed in helping our country regain it’s foothold on the path to the prosperity and greatness of which we are capable? It would mean putting aside political bias (trying to buy an election didn’t work anyway) and working in accord with everyone interested in furthering the welfare of our country. This would be a real legacy, for which they would be honored for all time.

If you like this idea, talk about it with everyone you know and see what you can do to make it happen. When people of like minds work together toward the same goal, anything is possible.

Pat Camacci