Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

November 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor


CROSSVILLE — Dear editor, 

Once again today we received a plea for funds for a new (used) fire truck for the FFG fire department. The total cost of this truck is $100,000, and the letter we received stated that, to date, slightly over half of that amount has been raised from donations. We have also seen the ads which tell us that buying a specific meal will result in a $1 donation to this cause. We do not believe that 50,000 more of these inexpensive meals will be sold in the near future. 

The FFG Community club spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year subsidizing our amenities. Our fire department is not an amenity. It is an essential service to our community – every bit as important as garbage pick up and sewer service. We all could take our own garbage to the county facilities like we take our recycling. We cannot put out a major fire in our own homes! 

Why, then, cannot the club underwrite at least one third, if not half, of the cost of the required new fire truck? If there is something legal that separates our fire department as an independent entity from the Community Club, it should still be possible for the club to make a donation. 

We believe our Community Club has, in the past, made donations to help support the Cumberland County Playhouse. We are in no way denigrating the importance of the Playhouse to our community, but this new (used) fire truck is terribly important, not only to the dedicated volunteers who staff our fire department, but to each and every one of us who owns property in our community.

Although we are willing to contribute to this fund, we urge the board of directors of Fairfield Glade to seriously consider making a substantial donation of at least one third, or more, of the total cost of this required new piece of fire fighting equipment in the very near future.

 Thank you for your consideration.

 Robert and Virginia Wiedemann

Druid Landing