Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 28, 2013

No decision yet on FFG post office

By Clinton Gill
Glade Sun editor

CROSSVILLE — President Bob Stackhouse opened the Aug. 22 FGCC board meeting with a report that there have been no changes in regards to the contract with the Post Office. Currently, the Post Office pays the Club $64,000 to operate, but can no longer afford to do so. Negotiations have been ongoing since March that have resulted in an offer from the Post Office to pay $52,000 annually. The Club would have to subsidize the remaining $1,000 per month operating cost. No changes will be made until the contract is finalized.

To date, more than 2,000 signatures of residents in favor of keeping the Post Office have been collected. The Club views keeping this service as an amenity of sorts for members, noting the convenience of not having to drive 10 – 12 miles into Crossville or be subject to the limited hours of the Crab Orchard branch. The Fairfield Glade branch records between 75,000 – 100,000 transactions per year.

The conceptual plans for the Druid Hills pool cabana have been posted on the FGCC website and have netted 36 comments from the membership so far. Preliminary plans estimate the cost will be around $300,000, $147,000 of which will be contributed by Wyndham Resorts. At that rate, the Druid Hills pool cabana will actually cost the Club $157,000. In comparison, the Dorchester pool cost the Club $204,000.

Plans call for a tiki hut that will provide cold beverages and snacks, but the decision as to whether alcohol will be served at the pool has yet to be determined. Liability concerns are being discussed with lawyers, as well as with the insurance company.

Stackhouse noted that the majority of people who use the Dorchester pool are members who bring their own refreshments, whereas patrons of the Druid Hills pool are mostly timeshare visitors who tend to purchase refreshments onsite.

Typically, alcoholic beverages served commercially by the drink have a 200 – 300 percent markup above cost, resulting in higher profit margins. Restaurants routinely charge as much as $30 for bottles of wine that retail for $7 – $8. Beer costs between 60 and 70 cents per serving, and carries an average cost of $4 per glass, a profit margin of roughly 500 percent.

The final report from the Incorporation Committee is now available. Members will have 30 days to review the findings and submit questions or comments. After that 30 day review period, the committee will take about a week to compile questions and comments, at which point a town hall meeting will be held to address any concerns. All sessions will be videotaped and posted online for those who are unable to attend.

On Sept. 20, the board will hold its annual meeting and will announce the two new board members who are replacing John Muldoon and Diana Chalfant. Currently there are three candidates running – they are Glenn Harper, Harry Price and Jeff Heston. After the annual meeting, new officers will be elected. Stackhouse took a moment to thank everyone as he will not be president next year:

“I just want to take the opportunity to say thank you for the letters, anonymous and signed, thank you for the emails, thank you for the phone calls, thank you for the recommendations, the comments and suggestions,” said Stackhouse. “On those suggestions, I just have one thing to say, some of those suggestions were physically impossible for me to do; however, I appreciate the enthusiasm.”

General Manager Bob Weber reported that the new monument for the Racquet Center on Stonehenge Dr. is in place and will serve as the prototype for all other monument signs that will go in front of buildings.

Harry Price reported for the Architectural Control Committee. Single family detached homes: 50 vs. 33 last year; No manufactured or mobile homes; There are 68 new homes under construction; 33 new homes completed YTD; 484 miscellaneous projects.

Regina Welch reported for the Finance Committee. Cash on hand $4,075,861; Total Actuals $1,768,058 (Budget $1,758,027). Golf revenues are down $248,352 from 2012, making for the seventh worst year for golf.

Mary Jo Paige, Marketing Director, reported that Fairfield Glade was featured in a story by CBN News about how taxes affect a retiree’s decision to relocate to certain states. Links to the story can be accessed under the What’s New section of the FGCC website.

Lots of activities are planned for the Labor Day holiday; check the bulletin for a list of events.