Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

August 22, 2013

Public notification of changes in marina gate access for after hours


CROSSVILLE — As many of you may be aware, the Fairfield Glade Community Club is in the process of fully automating the St. George and Dartmoor Marina access gates (no more keys). Access to the marinas after hours, or when the marinas are closed in the off-season, will be allowed by using your current Club Member Card at either marina (by swiping the card at the control box located at the entrance to each Marina). You may need to obtain the new Member Preferred Card at the Administration Office if your current Member Card does not work. In order to open the gates after normal business hours, your Club Member Card can be activated in one of two ways:

· If you are an existing slip or surface storage rental member, your Club Member Card will automatically be activated on Monday, Sept. 9, therefore there is nothing you need to do. Also, there will be no annual gate access fee required for these members.

· For those members who do not currently rent a slip or surface storage space and want to have marina gate access after hours, you may go to either marina any time after Monday, Sept. 9 to request their Club Member Card be activated. For these members, there will be an annual gate access fee in the amount of $25; automatically billed March 1 of next year.

As you can see above, Sept. 9 is the date the gates will be fully automated, therefore the existing gate keys will no longer work, and there will no longer be pedestrian access, as only a vehicle will trigger the gates upon leaving the Marina. 

For those members not enrolling for the annual gate access, they can request the return of their key deposit by returning their gate key to St. George Marina by Sunday, Sept. 29. For those members that do choose to enroll for the annual gate access, no key deposits will be returned, as no fee is being charged for this access for the balance of this year and early next year.