Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 4, 2012

FGRS expresses thanks

By David H Prigg

CROSSVILLE — Recently FGRS has been the recipient of many donations from residents, volunteers, and organizations; namely the United Methodist Church, Council of Churches, Rotary Club and the Cumberland Medical Center.

On Sept. 14 FGRS held a Bake Sale at the Village Green Mall which was a huge success. With over 70 bakers contributing well over 200 items, FGRS was able to raise $1400 to aid in the many programs sponsored by FGRS as well as those soon to be launched. FGRS thanks all the bakers, all the residents who came and bought all the goodies, and the three ladies who organized and ran this most successful event. Thank you, Sandy Prigg, Jody Schuning and Barb Jackson. Job well done!

In late July FGRS was notified by Elk Valley Home Care that they would be closing their offices here in the Glade this September. In July of 2011 Elk Valley had generously donated a suite of offices to FGRS rent free. This allowed FGRS to take a giant step in growth and will ever be thankful to Elk Valley for their generous donation. However, with Elk Valley closing their offices, what was FGRS to do. Ms. Misty Keyes of Wyndham, Fairfield Glade Homes stepped forward and worked hard to see that FGRS could remain where we are, again rent free. FGRS cannot be more pleased and wants to publically thank Elk Valley and Wyndham, Fairfield Glade Homes for their generosity and belief in FGRS, understanding that “Together We Can Enhance Our Quality of Life’.

Another big "Thank you" goes out to the Good Samaritan Society of Fairfield Glade. Due to the conscientious planning and implementation, FGRS will be initiating Home Delivered Meals within the next few weeks. Good Samaritans, through their Community Outreach Program, will be the preparer of the meals which will be delivered by FGRS’s volunteers. Thank you Good Samaritans.

Finally, thanks to those who have stepped forward and volunteered their time. Volunteers have been found to fill all the driver and alternate positions needed to deliver the hot meals to the clients of FGRS. A dozen or more volunteers showed up to help at the Bake Sale. Many residents have contributed their Trash and some of their Treasures which will be sold at the Fairfield Glade Trash & Treasure Sale on Oct. 20. And the list goes on and on.