Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

May 16, 2013

Students of the Month honored at Lions Club meeting

By Ken Steadman
Sun contributor

CROSSVILLE — The first May meeting was reserved by the Fairfield Glade Lions Club to honor this year’s “Students of the Month” and their families. Nine of the 10 students were able to attend. Dakota Tillman, from The Phoenix School, was unable to attend because of prior commitments. Dakota was selected and honored for the month of April.

There was a full house of Lion members and guests in attendance. Retiring Director of Schools, Aarona Van Winkle was the guest speaker. She presented an inspiring video of a motivational speaker for the benefit of all to hear. She also took part in presenting engraved plaques to all the “Students of the Month” for a lasting memory of the month they were selected. The following is a list of the student, their high school and the special month of their selection:

Student                           School                             Month

Landon Crawford          CCHS                                August 2012

Emily Morgan              SMHS                               September 2012

Cemre Chadwick           CCHS                               October 2012

Kyle Gibson                 SMHS                               November 2012

Whitney Sheffield        The Phoenix School         December 2012

Fiona Retzer                CCHS                               January 2013

Jackie Hamby             SMHS                              February 2013

Kaleb Goss                 CCHS                                March 2013

Dakota Tillman          The Phoenix School         April 2013

Trenton Campbell      SMHS                               May 2013

Also in attendance were families of the students and their high school counselors. In addition, the new Director of Schools, Donald Andrews, was on hand to compliment the Lions for the “Student of the Month” Program and congratulate the students for their selection.

Each student was introduced with his or her family members and photos were taken to remember the occasion. “Student of the Month” Lion Chairman, Bob Cover, added his pride in being a part of this program and wished the students great success in their futures. Each student has the opportunity to apply for a part of the $6,000 Special Lion Scholarship Program. A committee of Lion members and the school counselors review the applications and select the winners. Winners are announced at their graduation ceremony.

The Lions “Student of the Month” Program has been an on going event for many years in the Cumberland County School System. It started with only Cumberland County High School with 10 students. It changed to include Stone Memorial High School when they opened with five students from each school. It now includes The Phoenix School with two students and four from CCHS and SMHS. Lion Program Chairman, Bob Cover, commented, “ I wish we could include more students in the selection but we have limits. There are many outstanding young people in our school system that requires recognition. We wish them much success in their desired fields and futures.”