Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

June 19, 2013

FGRS serves as model for communities

By David H. Prigg
Sun contributor

CROSSVILLE — The reputation of your Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) is spreading across the Southeast. On June 11, Big Canoe, a community much like Fairfield Glade located in Georgia, met with members of the board of directors of FGRS to study how they might implement many of the programs FGRS offers to the residents of Fairfield Glade. Topics of how to get started, which type of incorporation to pursue with the IRS and how to serve their residents in the best possible way were discussed.

Attending the daylong meeting were Phil Anderson, president of the Big Canoe HOA; Bob Crouch, vice president HOA; Brad Herren, director HOA; Steve Brazen, president Big Canoe POA; and General Manager of the POA Roger Klask. Representing FGRS were President Ken Schuning, Treasurer David Prigg and co-founder Joan Fredericks.

Big Canoe, a gated community of approximately 1,800 homes and 4,000 residents is similar to Fairfield Glade in many ways. With golf courses, tennis courts, hiking trails, swimming pools and most other amenities they are studying how to supply the human and social needs they see developing in their community. FGRS now in its fifth year has already spent the time and effort to become incorporated and to set up programs beneficial to all its residents. Through this give and take discussion it is hoped that both organizations came away with increased knowledge of how to better serve the people of their respective communities.

This was not the first contact FGRS has received from other communities wanting to learn how and what FGRS is doing to help its residents. Earlier in the spring, Del Webb of Hilton Head, S.C. contacted FGRS requesting information on how to establish a similar organization in their retirement community.

Spreading of the good news coming out of FGRS is on the rise and they are happy to know that their efforts are being noticed not only at home but throughout the Southeast. Proof positive that, “Together, we can enhance our quality of life."