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August 1, 2012

EPA complaint on Fairfield Glade Community Club

CROSSVILLE — July 26, the Fairfield Glade Community Club (FGCC) held the monthly board meeting at the Multi-Purpose Building. No news is good news as they say. So the news that the EPA had received a complaint on FGCC was bad news. The details are listed under the Lakes Committee report. 

Board president comments:

Bob Stackhouse, FGCC Board President, opened the meeting by announcing that Chapters 2 and 3 of Section 1 of the Strategic Plan have been posted for the past 30 days. There have been no comments, so they will be considered as finalized. The main text of the Strategic Plan is now finalized.

Next, the Open Burning Policy has been on the website for 30 days. It will be reposted next month after getting some comments from the volunteer fire department.

The revised sign policy for yard/garage sales is being withdrawn, so it can be sent back to the ACC to take a look at the policy.

General Manager Bob Weber comments:

The architects have held 11 focus groups on the amenities master planning with residents, staff, and FGCC board members. They have also met with Upland Design representatives, the firm that conducted the existing facilities conditions study. An informational progress meeting is planed for the week of Aug. 20 to update members, present the results of the existing facilities study, and to start getting input from the members.

The new DVD on Fairfield Glade is now available on the club website under “what’s new” or “real estate.”

"I would like to thank Misty Keys and Fairfield Homes for the DVD," said Weber. "Misty did most of the work, coordinating with the videographer and the script writer. We provided the scenery and shared the cost 50/50 with Fairfield Homes."

The FGCC accounting department and the community services department have moved into the new modular building behind the Administration building.

A community survey on recycling will be done in early August to determine the membership’s level of participation with various recycling programs. It will be on the website and in printed form.

Architectural Control Committee:

Phil Gover reportedcconstruction projects approved year to date are: single family detached homes 32 vs. 25 last year.

Manufactured homes, 0; mobile homes in Wilshire Hills, 2; new homes under construction, 54; new homes completed year-to-date, 33; miscellaneous projects approved year-to-date, 354.

Golf Committee:

Dave McElroy: Two permanent Handicap applications were approved July 12. The candidates for the FGCC Board of Directors have been invited to speak to the committee on Aug. 2.

The first Club Championship Tournament will be a 36-hole Medal Play Tournament, set for Oct. 6-7, at the Heatherhurst Golf Club, Brae course. The purpose of this tournament is to identify and recognize the best men and women golfers of the membership. Suggestions are welcomed from the membership on ideas for recognizing the best men and women golfers.

It has been decided to give relief from electric fans on the courses if your swing or stance is impeded.

Lakes Committee:

Bob Stackhouse reported that a formal complaint was filed against the Fairfield Glade Community Club with the EPA saying the club fertilized lakes which poisoned water and killed fish. The EPA turned the complaint over to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture for investigation. TDA determined there are no toxins in the lakes they tested and that no permit was needed to fertilize. TDA does not have a policy prohibiting fertilizing lakes. It was determined that Fairfield Glade did nothing wrong. The club has it in writing that the case with TDA is closed.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, said there is no TWRA policy on fertilizing lakes in Tennessee and they see no problem with fertilizing a lake.

Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC) does not currently have a specific policy or a permitting procedure for the fertilization of lakes. Therefore, there is no fine for the lake fertilizing which was done, because there is no specific fertilizing policy or permitting procedure currently in place. 

However, TDEC still would like the club to submit a permit before fertilizing again. However, if the club were to submit an Aquatic Resources Alteration Permit (ARAP) to TDEC that included the lake fertilization, it would be denied, because the ARAP process does not have a provision for permitting fertilization.

Stackhouse said: “Therefore, we are not going to do any more fertilization this year. We will be investigating further so we have a clear understanding of what we can do in the future.”

Strategic Planning Committee:

Pat Gruet explained that neither the FFG Strategic Plan nor the FFG Branding Statement is set in stone. They can be changed as the club decides to change. There has been some very good constructive criticism from members. Of course, it is very difficult to satisfy everyone since there are over 7,000 people living in FFG. The input of members is appreciated and the committee will try to its best to satisfy everyone.

Phase two for the committee is to move to land use, which involves returned lots and delinquent lots. A couple of years ago, a wonderful study was done on this via a committee headed by Bob Henderson. A presentation was held for board members, management staff and Wyndham to look at what can be done to get these lots to produce revenue again.

Tennis Committee:

Bob Diller said the indoor courts are going to be resurfaced on Aug. 6. They won’t available for play that day.

Sunday, July 22, the Tennis Center held a successful player appreciation party that 127 members attended. A good time was had by all, and people were able to sign up for future activities.

The Bucky Cantrell Tournament will be held earlier next year, so as to not conflict with graduation weekend.

Pickleball is growing rapidly, with new classes and novice classes. The Doubles Tournament with Tellico is coming up. Tennis is holding steady.

Fire Committee:    

Jim Etzel said the 800 degree burn room built for training should be ready by fall.

The $100,000 fund raising campaign to replace Engine #5 has raised $27,000 so far. Jim said that Engine #5 told him that when he retires, he wants to learn how to play golf. "I think he is going to ask why there is no flight for Used Retired Fire Engines in the new Club Championship Tournament," said Etzel. (audience laughter).

"The campaign has been going pretty well. However, we recently found out that to have a fund raiser, we have to be registered with the state to solicit funds. So, apparently what we have been doing is illegal. We found out what the correct procedure is. We have sent our $50 to the state to make us legal. So," Jim said, "if you want to donate money to a 'legal campaign,' we are the ones you want to donate to. We need everybody’s help. Hope to see you at the next pancake breakfast for the Labor Day weekend."

A member asked about the possibility of fire due to the dry conditions. Jim replied that fires usually start by something a careless person does; like dumping hot charcoal in the woods. So, everyone needs to be careful. The forest service does work in Catoosa creating fire breaks with heavy equipment to help stop any fires. They also perform controlled burns in Catoosa to create fire breaks. Sometimes, there are phone calls to the FFG fire department by people thinking there is a fire.

Another member asked about escape routes if there is need for evacuation. There was much conversation about this. To summarize, there are suggested routes that have been published and are available at the Administration Office and on the website. It was strongly recommended that residents personally identify various routes out of the Glade in case the roads they normally take are blocked. For example, besides Peavine there are other routes available, such as Westchester Drive or Shorty Barns Road that reach Chestnut Hill, which connects with Peavine Road south of I-40 exit 322.

It was specifically pointed out that a tremendous amount of information is put in the Glade Sun by the FGCC Board of Directors, the Fire Department, Safety Department and FFG committees in an attempt to keep residents up to date.

But, if residents do not take the time to stay informed by reading the Glade Sun and the many other FFG communications provided, they will not be kept informed. The FGCC Board makes every effort to fully inform the members. As Jim Etzel said: “It’s somewhat discouraging” (that many people are not making the effort to stay informed.)

A Neighborhood Watch board member told the audience their website has maps with evacuation roads identified. The website to access is

President Stackhouse pointed out that an evacuation route could bring someone into a dangerous area. "So, we would have the Public Safety and the Fire Departments in position to direct people to a safer route, he said."

Financial Report:

Controller Regina Welch reported, as of the end of June, there was $5.7 million cash on hand which includes $1.9M Capital Funds, $1.8M Sewer Capital Fund, $2.0M in Operating Funds. 604 lots have been deeded back to the club. The Strategic Plan Committee is now going to try to figure out how to make the lots produce revenue. Currently there are about 2,400 delinquent lots.

Capitol expenditures are $2.1M through June. There will be another $3.1M spent through the end of the year, which includes the wastewater drip field project and the Dorchester irrigation project. Capitol Funds have purposely been built up over the past few years in order to avoid borrowing money, because it was known there were some large projects on the horizon, like the sewer project and the Dorchester irrigation project.

"We’ve been carrying more cash on hand than normal to handle these projects," said Welch. "So, later this year, we plan to draw down our Capital Reserve Account to avoid borrowing money for future capitol expenditure projects. So, don’t be alarmed when there is about $2.5M to $3.0M in the Cash Fund at the end of the year."

Director Glenn Harper pointed out that we would pay a lot more in interest cost on a loan than the interest income that we would get from a bank.

Public Safety Department:

Chief Randy Hoover thanked the FGCC board, the Fairfield Glade residents and the Neighborhood Watch group for the support he has been given.

Good news, this past week there was no crime reported in the Glade. In June there were 27 radar hours, 14 citations, 2 burglary reports, 9 theft reports, 62 ambulance calls, 55 resident assists, 417 home security checks, and 8 vehicle collisions.

• A resident on Lakeview Drive spoke about radar operation and the lack of sidewalks by saying that “Lakeview Drive is a freeway… we have vehicles going 50-60 mph. We don’t have sidewalks; it is not safe to walk.”

Chief Hoover said that best thing to do is call the Safety Department to report the location a particular problem.

• A Lakeview resident identified the area on Lakeview, coming from Snead Drive over the hill, that is a big speeding problem. Another Lakeview resident pointed out that the radar is ineffective when they are fully visible from a distance, especially when visible from the Lakeview causeway on Canterbury. Also, radar near the S curve on Lakeview is ineffective because vehicles have to slow down to negotiate the S curve anyway.

• After extensive discussion, the bottom line was that the residents want more radar hours at certain problem points. Chief Hoover said he is willing to do that.

Another very lengthy discussion between three audience members and the staff and the board concerned safety when walking along FFG roads due to the lack of sidewalks. Some residents thought there should be more sidewalks. Community Services Director Tim Martin pointed out that FFG roads are county roads (not city roads), which are really not designed for walking. “Lakeview Drive is not a pedestrian biking path. When I hear about safety (problems), Lakeview was not intended that way; it wasn’t built that way (for walking),” said Martin. "It is not wise to walk along roads like Stonehenge or Lakeview unless there are walking paths. Cars on county roads do not have to yield to pedestrians."

An audience member then said: “I didn’t move to FFG to have sidewalks, if I wanted sidewalks, I would have moved to the city.” That comment elicited a lot of audience applause.

It is dangerous to walk on most of the FFG roads, which is why the FGCC Board has been adding walking paths like has been recently completed the loop from Stonehenge Drive to Kingsboro to Catoosa Blvd to Village Drive. This loop was completed recently at a cost of $40,000.

President Stackhouse has said that the board will continue to budget about $40,000 per year for paved paths. He also complimented the new Hiking Club, which has already created hiking paths and posted maps on the website showing the locations.           

A member said he was told by a Public Safety person they don’t write many speeding citations because somebody complains to the committee (he meant the FGCC board) then the committee (board) comes down on us.

President Stackhouse said emphatically: “Let me clear that up right now. Nobody, to my knowledge, has ever complained about a speeding ticket or a traffic violation to this board. To my knowledge, nobody on this board has ever interfered with any ticket or citation issued. Does anybody here on the board disagree with that statement?” No one did. Stackhouse then said: “It doesn’t happen and it won’t happen.” Director Glenn Harper said: “I’ve been on the board for six years, and I know that is a completely true statement.”

Fire Department:

Chief Howard Robb reported June 15 to July 15 there were 27 incidents, 2 structure fires, 5 vehicle accidents, 1 gas line rupture, and 5 smoke detectors.

Chief Robb said he created a fire department evacuation route map which is available at the Administration Building. He said in the event of an emergency the fire department will send people to key spots to make sure traffic goes the right way and to make every attempt to avoid areas of congestion.    

Community Services:

Tim Martin said the chip and seal operation has started. The drip field project has been started. They will be burning to clear the area, and they have secured a permit to burn. If anyone sees smoke there, be aware of the reason. The fire department will be on alert.

Food, Recreation, Conference Center:

Tommy Lee thanked three vendors that invested in the Tennis Party: Coca Cola, Budweiser and Athens Distributing. "Please support them because they always support us," said Lee. The Glade Café actually made over $2,000 last month. Stonehenge Grill was in the black again last month, and was $43,000 over last year. Credit goes to the new deck, the new furnishings and adjusting the menu using the food survey comments. However, it is apparent that the Stonehenge success is draining some business from Legends. The Legends menu is being adjusted using the food survey, and they will be having new specials at Legends along with theme nights. There is free wi-fi at Legends, Fireside and the Druid Hills snack bar. The next edition of Fairfield Living comes out at the end of August; so members are invited to submit their articles to Tommy Lee, at Check the website and the Glade Sun for upcoming events.

In August, added to the Legends menu will be two silver dollar pancakes with sausage, egg and cheese for only $3.35. Ordered as a side item, it is only be $2.95. It is called The Fireman’s Silver Dollar Special. For every one sold, a donation of $1 will be made to the Engine #5 campaign.

Golf Division:

Steve Kraft reports that June golf rounds were under budget by 800 rounds for the first time this year. However, rounds were over 2011, by 69 rounds. Paid rounds were 18,746. Players serviced were 22,185. The May performance comparison: Nationwide, 2,906; State, 3,115; Druid, 4,801; Dorchester, 5,302; Heatherhurst ,11,181; Stonehenge, 4,791.

The Member-Member Tournament is coming in August. 341 are signed up so far with some space still available. Aerating will start the last week of August and continue through September.

The 39th annual Ladies Invitational was very successful, with 231 golfers from 14 states. It is the second biggest event in Fairfield golf. "We give a special thank you to the chairpersons, Penny Symington and Corinne Custer," said Kraft.

"The Women’s Open was played on a very green, wet, and beautiful Stonehenge course, due to 8 inches of rain," said Kraft. "We thank John and Fran Kinnunen for heading up the volunteers and Karen Toomey for handling the player housing. The Stonehenge maintenance crew did a great job getting the course playable, and we also thank Warren Huddleston and the golf staff. 23 states and three countries were represented. It has become one the best 'Opens' in the country, as described by the players, not us."

Bob Stackhouse complimented the staff for the success and said the event draws many people who come here for the tournament, which is good publicity for FFG.

Unfinished Business:

The board approved the Safety Resolution, which had been posted on the website for 30 days.

The board approved the Strategic Plan, which had been on the website for 30 days.

New Business:

The board approved the request from United Fund to conduct a door-to-door campaign Sept. 28 to Nov. 15. This has been allowed by the board for several years. It is the only campaign approved by the board. It is approved because it helps the entire county.

The Inflow & Infiltration request for $50,000 was approved by the board. This will save the club a lot of money on the grinder pump system.

Comments from the Floor:      

A member reminded everyone there is a County Commission election coming for District 9, which is mostly FFG. Carmen Lynch currently serves as one of the representatives for District 9, and the other opening is there because Clyde Cramer passed away recently. Everyone is encouraged to vote so the community is well represented on the county commission.

Chris Trull, representing the Lions Club, asked the board about Comcast channel 12. He wanted to know who is in charge of content and whether the Lions Club could advertise their popular travel programs on the channel. It was explained that content is provided by the FGCC. The channel is currently not set up to sell advertising spots other than in-house content. The Cumberland Playhouse is allowed to advertise because it is part of the entire Cumberland County appeal, which enhances exposure for FFG. Also, FGCC markets FFG at the Playhouse for more exposure.

Cameron Sexton, State Representative for District 25, said he invites FFG residents to contact him for assistance.

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