Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

October 4, 2012

FGCC board to assist Fire Engine #5 campaign

By Dick Sharp

CROSSVILLE — The monthly FGCC Board meeting was held on Sept. 27. President Bob Stackhouse opened the meeting with a welcome to the new Director Phil Gover, promising him an interesting three years on the FGCC Board. The officers for the next year are the same as the last: Secretary Diana Chalfant, Treasurer Pete Cahill, Vice President Bob Diller and President Bob Stackhouse.

President Stackhouse announced the board liaisons to the various committees. Architectural Control Committee John Muldoon, Golf Committee Pete Cahill, Incorporation Committee Pete Cahill, Strategic Planning Bob Stackhouse, Lakes Phil Gover, Election Committee Bob Stackhouse, Safety Committee John Muldoon, Tennis Bob Diller,  Election Committee Bob Stackhouse, Trails Bob Diller, Volunteer Fire committee Phil Gover.

Harry Price was approved by the board as the ACC chairperson, replacing Phil Gover. There are openings on some committees which need to be filled. Applications can be picked up at the Administration Building. The interviews will start in October and the persons selected will be announced at the December board meeting. Golf, Tennis and the ACC all currently have one opening. The Lakes Committee has four openings for Catherine, Sherwood, Pomeroy and Oxford. Stackhouse pointed out that the committee tries to get people that live on the respective lake.

President Stackhouse announced that the Amenities Planning Survey has been completed and will be on the website by Monday Oct. 1. The preliminary 10 year Master Plan should be ready by the end of October for community input.

Community Services:

Bob Weber reported that on Saturday Oct. 13 there will be a Hit the Trails Fall Festival at Mirror Lake to celebrate the new trails that are open. A Parade of Homes will also be held in FFG. The Recycling Survey results are done. Cumberland County is considering curbside recycling and could possibly form a partnership with FFG to share in the revenues.

Architectural Control Committee:

Harry Price reported: 38 detached single family homes YTD versus 34 last year; two mobile homes Wilshire Hills versus one last year; 50 new homes are currently under construction, 41 homes have been completed so far this year. 465 miscellaneous projects have been approved year to date.

Golf Committee:

The committee is still looking for volunteers for the 2013 Member-Member Tournament and the Member-Guest Tournament committees. There was one inquiry about the local rules for relief from ropes protecting the fairways at Stonehenge. There will soon be a rule established for relief in that situation. 

Strategic Planning Committee:

Pat Gruet reported that there are 12 candidates for the four committee positions that are open. Interviews will be Oct. 16, 17 and 18. Pat said that this candidate group is very qualified with good backgrounds. Applications for anyone interested in these positions must be received by Oct. 5.

One of the tasks of the SPC is to monitor the progress of the Strategic Plan and ensure it is being followed. Bob Stackhouse explained: “Once we get the Master Plan done, the Strategic Plan is done and the study of the Wastewater Treatment Plant done; we will then merge all of them into the Operating Plan to finalize the total plan.” 

Tennis Committee:

Sue Allen reported: In order to try to increase participation in the Bucky Cantrell Tournament we found some open USGA dates that are open earlier in the year. The dates will be finalized soon.

Pickleball Leagues will be starting again in October. The Pickelball courts have been busy, so the hours have been increased again. The Never Ever tennis class will be starting soon for members that want to learn. The dates will be published as soon as they are set. The committee has met with the architects on possible future plans for the tennis complex.

Trails Committee:

John Conrad reports enthusiasm continues as the committee had two work sessions this month as about 25 people showed up for the work. We are getting ready for the Grand Opening event at Mirror Lake on Oct. 13. There will be tents set up, burgers and hot dogs as well as music. Maps will be available showing where the trails are located and the distance of each trail. At 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. people can take a guided tour of the North Trail or the Overlook Trail by Dorchester.

Volunteer Fire Committee:

Jim Etzel announced an Open House at Fire Station #1 for Fire Prevention Week. Enjoy some food, meet firefighters and see our fire department’s equipment. The “Is #5 Alive” campaign has raised $42,000 toward the goal of $100,000 to purchase a used fire truck to replace engine #5.

On Nov. 5 Charlie McCoy‘s band, the Over the Hill Gang from Nashville, will put on a 7 p.m. show at the Conference Center to support the #5 campaign. Tickets are $15 per person and are available at the Conference Center and the FFG Mall weekdays. So, come and have a good time.

Financial Report:

Regina Welch reported that the annual financial report is now on the website. She reported $5.4 million cash on hand as of Aug. 31. The club is on target with Capital Expenditures. However, golf revenue is now down $300,000. Projections will be made through the end of the year in preparation for the board’s budget work sessions in about six weeks.

There are about 2,400 delinquent accounts as of the end of August; the club has 659 lots in the inventory. The remaining capital projects for this year are the wastewater drip field and the irrigation system at Dorchester to be finished this year. Both to be paid for by the $2.5 million on hand in the Capitol Fund. The board is working on refinancing the Conference Center to save about $300,000. Cumberland County Bank was chosen after bids.

Public Safety:

August report: 59 hours of radar, 33 traffic citations/25 were for speeding, arrested four people, and one domestic violence call. There were five burglaries with three arrests, 136 emergency calls, 76 resident assists, 636 home security checks.

Fire Department:

Chief Howard Robb reported: nine service calls, two structure fires, five smoke detectors and one CO2 detector. Robb reminded all residents to change batteries in smoke detectors in a timely manner. Smoke detectors that are electrically hard wired still have backup batteries that need to be replaced periodically. 

Community Services:

Tim Martin pointed out that this was the second month he has not asked for money (lots of laughter). Approval from TDEC is being pursued for the wastewater drip field project so far. The project is on schedule. Martin is working with the county on which roads the county may do this year. It has been decided to postpone de-silting of the lakes until next year due to the potential expenses on the Dartmoor spillway repairs needed.

Food/Beverage and Community Center:

Tommy Lee reported 131 pool passes have been sold on the Twenty for Twenty Pool Special. St. George Marina closed Sept 30. Dartmoor Marina will remain open until Nov. 3. Due to the seasonal decline in restaurant usage, as shown by the financial reports, the restaurant hours will be adjusted to cut costs. Revised hours will be published in the Glade Sun and on the website.

The kitchen at Stonehenge will close at 9 p.m. in Oct. The bar will remain open. The large dining room at Legends will be closed in November and December. However, it can be used for special events. Fireside will be open. All of these changes are designed to reduce costs during slow seasons. The improved revenues at Stonehenge Grill have caused some loss of revenue at Legends. Bob Weber said that these changes are intended to minimize restaurant deficits.

Golf Division:

Steve Kraft reported under budget 2134 rounds in August with most of the losses in the first 10 days. 18,233 golfers paid 18 hole equivalent rounds servicing 22,260 players.

July PGA performance tracking: Nationwide 3196, Tennessee 2480. Druid 3674, Dorchester 4369, Heatherhurst 8912. Stonhenge 3357.

The Wags and Whiskers Benefit will be held Oct. 20. Applications are at the Golf Shops or just call Central Teetimes. Dorchester will close Nov. 5 to start the irrigation project.  The Annual Christmas Sale will be Dec. 6, 7 and 8 at the Conference Center.

Kraft announced that FFG will host the 46th Annual Tennessee Challenge Cup October 2013. It is a Ryder Cup type event. Special winter rates will be in place from Dec. 1 through March 31, 2013.

Unfinished Business:

President Stackhouse said the revised Open Burning Policy has been on the website for 30 days with no comments received. The Board voted and passed the policy.

New Business:

The Board approved Rick Elliott as the Golf Handicap Committee Chairperson.

Comments from the Floor:

There was a question as to why the Lakes Committee takes off for four months during the winter. The member thought that certain things could be done during the winter. The reply was that it has been tradition to take the four months off. Also, Tim Martin explained that he and his staff will continue to work on lake problems or projects through the winter.

Another member asked the Board why the club doesn’t provide the necessary funds to buy the fire truck instead of running a campaign to raise money. The answer from President Stackhouse was that the fire department went out on their own to try to raise the funds via a campaign. However, he said, there has already been discussion about the board budgeting some funds in 2013 for the fire truck.  

Meeting adjourned.