Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 6, 2013

Improved winter weather closing notification system for the Glade

By Dick Sharp
Special Correspondent to the Glade Sun

CROSSVILLE — Due to winter road safety concerns, the board of directors set up new policy on FGCC facilities closings at the Feb 28 board meeting. Bob Weber, the general manager, announced that the Community Club will initially follow the Cumberland County’s school closing/delay decisions for all Glade facilities. Residents and employees should monitor the school closing/delays via TV and/or radio, which will initially be mirrored by the FG Community Club.

When the schools close or delay opening, the Community Club will do the same by sending a confirming email to residents. Later in the morning, if road conditions improve, FGCC facilities may open which will be confirmed by another email that announces opening time. Weber encouraged residents to provide email addresses for notifications. For those without email access, he suggested that residents call the facility first to verify they are open.

On weekends, emails will be sent out as before, informing residents of closings or opening delays. Trash pickup schedules will be affected the same as FGCC facilities.  

Board President Bob Stackhouse announced the formation of a new History Committee. He explained that the history of Fairfield Glade going back over 40 years is very interesting, and this committee would be able to provide interesting stories, pictures and memorabilia for the enjoyment of members and visitors alike. Applications to be on the History Committee are now available at the Administration Building.

Stackhouse said that members are needed to serve on the Election Committee from April to October. The committee is responsible for handling the nominee process and to manage the election of FGCC Directors per the covenants and restrictions.

According to President Stackhouse, two huge projects will be completed this spring: the new Dorchester irrigation system and the waste water drip field. He also announced great news for Fairfield Glade golfers: Dorchester will have all the cart paths replaced this spring. The renovation of the interior of the Multi-Purpose building is progressing.

Stackhouse continued, “In March Upland Design will complete the facilities study on maintenance and improvements. The St. George Marina Pavilion and the Dorchester Cabana renovation plans are on the website and at the Conference Center for members to examine and to make comments and/or suggestions.”

There will be a Special Board meeting at 3 p.m. on March 14 to approve the final plans for the Dorchester Cabana so it can be ready by Memorial Day weekend.

There is a trial golf policy on the website for renters (three months or more) whereby the renter can pay an annual upfront $600 fee to play golf at member rates. The board will review and evaluate this trial in one year.

Bob Weber reported the search for a communication/marketing position is going well, with good resumes being submitted. On site interviews will be conducted by the end of March. New carpeting at Heatherhurst Clubhouse will be installed in early March.    

John Conrad reported the Trails Committee is up and running already, with four new trails for 2013 underway. Maps of six trails are on the website and available at the Administration Building. The Rotary Club has sponsored a bench on two of the paved trail which is very much appreciated. Should any other organizations wish to do the same, the Trails Committee would welcome the help.

Jim Etzel, representing the Fire Department Committee, happily reported a new fire truck has been purchased to replace Engine #5. The truck turned out to be a much better truck than originally anticipated. The goal of $100,000 was exceeded by $10,000, due to a great response from FG residents and local businesses. In addition, the board of directors contributed $35,000 from the FG Community Club. The truck was able to be purchased for $150,000, with an additional donation of $5,000 contributed by the FFG firefighters. Originally the truck was priced at $189,000, however, resident Bruce Jodarski was able to haggle the price down to $150,000. Jodarski was responsible for finding the truck, in addition to handling price negotiations. The new fire truck should last many years due to its superior quality. Treasurer Pete Cahill announced that eight candidates have offered their services for the two new Audit Committee positions. A final decision is to be made within days.

The Incorporation Committee is working diligently on the governmental, political and financial aspects of incorporation. Cahill said the committee is close to making their presentation to the board of directors. Then, with board approval, the committee will make a presentation to the membership.

Chief Randy Hoover reported for January:

30 hours radar, five citations, four arrests, one burglary (solved), seven thefts, 79 ambulance calls, 69 resident assists, 997 home security checks and four vehicle collisions.

Tim Martin reported that bids will be put out soon on the Dartmoor spillway project. Bids are out for the Dorchester pool cabana and the St. George Marina fish fry pavilion. Both marinas are now open 9 a.m.–3 p.m., with limited services Monday through Friday.

Director Bob Diller wanted to publicly compliment Tim Martin for his outstanding work creating cost effective 4-5 year project plans. Diller’s example was the $100,000 budgeted to replace old fluorescent bulbs due to changes in federal law. Martin’s plan will do the job for only $60–70,000.

James Ivankovich, food/beverage manager, reported January net revenues were down $4,800 from budget. January costs of liquor, beer and wine were under budget.

Upcoming Legends events that will be advertised in the Glade Sun: Prime Rib night March 7, Chicken/Pasta nights March 8 and 22, Beer Tasting March 13 plus seafood specials Friday nights in March. In addition, a St. Patrick’s Day Buffet at Stonehenge on Sunday March 17.

Easter egg fun activities at the Conference Center including pictures with the Easter Bunny will be held Saturday, March 30. Easter Brunch will be held Sunday March 31.

Golf Director Steve Kraft reported the golf course comparisons for the year of 2012: Nationwide 27,481 rounds; Tennessee 24,884; Druid Hills 35,213; Dorchester 36,638; Heatherhurst 78,866; and Stonehenge 30,849.

Frank Christopher, the PGA assistant pro at Stonehenge, has accepted the GM position at Fall Creek Falls as of March 15. Stonehenge opened in 1985; Christopher has worked there since 1988.  

Dorchester will open April 1 with concrete cart paths #13 through #15 completed. Blacktop resurfacing on all the remaining cart paths will be done with savings realized from the irrigation budgeted funds that were not spent.

The board passed the new lot merger policy and the new grinder pump policy, which are both available on the website.

A member request to waive $1,735 in ACC fines was denied by the board. It was explained that there are fines applied when homes being built do not meet required deadlines of completion. The deadlines are extremely liberal when compared to normal construction timelines. Sam McAdoo said that most homes are completed 4 – 8 months early, and this home was the only problem in the past two years. The home construction ran way beyond deadlines, resulting in $7,500 in fines.

The board passed a motion to move checking and payroll accounts to the Cumberland County bank to save money.

Appropriation Requests approved:

$98,450 to repave the cart paths on the back nine at Dorchester and $151,460 for the front nine cart paths.

$80,000 for the inflow/infiltration project.

$17,180 for a Dartmoor pontoon boat.