Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

July 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor


— Dear Editor,

Hurrah for the U.S.A. and Fairfield Glade! It makes one proud to see the red, white and blue lining our streets and flying over our buildings! Thank you for reminding us of the ultimate sacrifices being made so we can have the freedom we take for granted much of the time.

I also want to thank our FFG Security Officers for their prompt and professional service when we needed them. We live in a pretty wonderful part of God's creation!


B. Hickmott


Dear Editor,

When your June 20 article on the return of Christopher Hancock appeared in the Glade Sun, I, like so many others, was struck by the significance of his bravery. Since there was no mention of a fund set up to take donations on his behalf, I contacted Larry Henson of the First National Bank of Tennessee, who was credited with being a great help to the family. Larry told me that no such fund had been established yet, but that he would get back to me. He did so last week, and my husband and I made a contribution by check at the Peavine Rd. bank branch. We are blessed to have such a hero in our midst. I'm sure that your readers would be happy to know that such a fund now exists and how they may contribute.  


Anne Carpenter

FFG resident


Dear Editor,

I am concerned about my beloved country. Problems such as:

1. Our debt is over $16 trillion.

2. Our yearly deficit has been and continues at over a trillion dollars.

3. Recently, it was reported that 850,000 war veterans were in need of disability help. The average waiting time is more than 125 days. That same week, our president announced we are going to send arms to Syria, some of which were ready to go. Where are our priorities?

4. Why are we getting involved with Syria? Have we learned nothing from a 10 year war in Iraq and Afghanistan where thousands of our service people died, thousands were wounded and we spent a trillion dollars?

5. To reduce illegal immigrants, we are going to spend billions of dollars for more walls, fences and border patrols on our southern border. Does anyone really believe this can be most effective?

6. TV and the movies are full of violent shows. Our young children and some adults are greatly influenced by this and in some cases want to imitate what they see.

Well, enough of my rambling, however, I am very concerned about our children, grandchildren and future generations.


Bob Dukes


Dear Editor,

Quackers drew in another big audience today for his weekly show – 127 total attendance. As the last child left the room, up walked a woman who had been waiting so patiently by the door. She looked at Quackers and asked him to open his mouth. As he complied, she placed a $500 check in it for books and thanked me graciously for all that we do for the community. The check was made out to the Friends and was signed by Carol E. Pontius of the Fairfield Glade Ladies Club. In all 29 years of puppeting, Quackers’ mouth has had lots of kisses and little hands in it . . . but never money! That was a first. I later learned that another $500 check was awarded to the Imagination Library for books, also. Such kind generosity and support for a worthy cause: Early Childhood Literacy!

Thank you,

Susie Randleman

MLS Director, Art Circle Public Library