Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 20, 2012

Will #5 fall in love with Ruby?


CROSSVILLE — Hello Gladers, Engine #5 here. Guess what! My temperature is rising fast. You can tell it by the thermometer in front of the fire station. It’s kind of funny, the higher my temperature goes, the better I feel. Seems kind of backwards, doesn’t it?

Every so often I think I can feel a little tropical breeze in the late afternoon. I keep looking around for the coconut trees, but I haven’t seen one yet. I’ll bet it won’t be long now! Even the folks downtown at the Ruby Tuesday are rooting for me and my dreams.  They are sponsoring a dinner party in my behalf and you are all invited. In fact, this party lasts all weekend long, from Friday through Sunday, Dec. 21-23. If you come to my party and have lunch or dinner, they will donate 20 percent of your purchase to my retirement fund. All you have to do is give your server a copy of this letter or the Ruby Tuesday GiveBack flyer with my name on it.  Just make sure you come with a big appetite!

By the way, I would like a little feedback from you. I heard a rumor that this “Ruby” is a cute little delivery truck that brings food to the restaurant. So I want all of you to keep an eye out for her and let me know if I should make plans to visit with her after I am retired. I think that will be sometime this coming spring. By then, maybe love will be in the air. I can hardly wait!

God bless. I’ll talk to you later.

Signed:  #5.