Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 13, 2013

Lost animal guidelines in Fairfield Glade

By Irene Hawker
Sun contributor

CROSSVILLE — If you see an animal wondering around in the Fairfield Glade area and you choose to become involved in helping it find its home, here are some guidelines.

Do not pick up the animal and bring it to Public Safety, the Dog Park or Animal Control. The animal will have a far better chance finding “home” if the steps below are followed.

Try to identify the dog. If it appears to be friendly, approach it and see if it has a collar with I.D. (Name tag, rabies i.d, etc.) Note the breed, sex, weight, age, coloring, markings, etc. If possible, take a photo of the animal.

If appropriate, stop by nearby resident homes to see if anyone in the area knows the animal. Call FG Public Safety at 484-3785 and give them the following information:

Location of the animal

Tag I.D. information

Breed, sex, color, weight, age, etc.

Public Safety receives many calls from residents who have “lost” their animal. They provide communication with both parties. Email FG Dog Park who will send an email blast out to the FGDP Group

If you continue to see the animal in your area and it appears lost, hurt, under-nourished, call Cumberland County Animal Control at456-9873.