Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 28, 2014

The Journey

By Gloria Eversole-Tartaglia
Glade Sun editor

CROSSVILLE — Our conveyance is loaded with whatever we deem necessary for our trip; and what a trip it will be. There is nothing else like it in the whole universe for us. The planning of this wonderful adventure required almost a whole year. We are excited about this venture. Just imagine, we may very well spend many days and many nights exploring all that this sojourn has to offer.

Millions of individuals are contemplating taking the journey with us or at least at the same time as we embark on this glorious adventure. In the beginning we contribute little to the “Adventure of a Lifetime.” Everything goes as planned. What joy!

We journey on with joy in our hearts. We look around and see that some of those millions of people are grumbling about their situation due to the weather, an unexpected illness, or life crisis. They become stagnated, and remark that to continue this trip demands more than they are willing to give. They view their situation as hopeless. Offers of assistance and comfort from fellow travelers are rejected and they are numbered among the lost.

Hundreds of thousands, not satisfied with the day-to-day routine, embark on detours that promise greater adventures than those included in the trip’s itinerary. Self-serving decisions are made and these individuals live for the moment. Due to these decisions these travelers view their situation as a lost cause. These individuals rejected the pleas from fellow travelers against taking those detours and they too are numbered among the lost.

On the horizon, most sojourners take note of the fact that the “Trip of a Lifetime” is coming to a close. What an experience it has been. Our tour guide has aided us each mile of the adventure. He equipped us with a guidebook and map, and rules for the road. He never deserted us when we encountered storms, sicknesses, and other crises of life. He kept us on the right path and listened to our petitions from the beginning of our life’s journey to the close of our days. We offer thanksgiving and praise. His services will be required for the next journey.