Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 3, 2014

PATCHES OF LIFE: A mouse nest in my washer

By Beverly Schwind
Sun contributor

CROSSVILLE — The vacation is over and it's time to unpack the suitcases. I enjoy packing more than unpacking. It seems I take far too many clothes but, this year, vacationing in Florida, I needed a bathing suit,  sunglasses, and a hooded coat all in the same week.   

My plants seem to appreciate me being gone as the violets bloom and the lilies in the bathtub are fresh and green looking. No plant died except the poinsettia, which was on its way out when we left.

I usually do all the laundry before coming home and I did that this time but there was some last minute clothes plus a few wrinkled things from the travel. I decide to wash them and take out the wrinkles. That was a mistake. The washer shut off and I lifted the lid. I was confused at what I saw… inside the washer looked like a huge mouse nest. I reached in to remove a piece of clothing that I could not identify and large pieces of lint dripped off. I gently shook the article of clothing and the fIakes showered the floor falling like snow. I removed all the clothing from the washer and it was completely covered with the flakes. Somehow, a box of tissues had been washed. The box was molded together so hard I thought at first I may have washed an unwashable slipper!

Stunned at the huge pile of mouse nest looking problem before me, I tried to decide what to do. Searching the Internet made me feel I was not the only person who had washed the tissues in the washer. I enjoyed the remarks and the solutions of those who had experience in such things. Picking out the largest pieces of shredded tissues I ran the clothes through another wash cycle, (without the tissues) after cleaning out handfuls of washed tissue. The drying cycle gave me handfuls of tissue in the lint trap that I cleaned out every five minutes. After my four hours of laundry, I felt like I had won a battle. As I folded the clothes that were looking good, Jim asked me why I washed tissues.