Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 12, 2012

Holistic cardiology practice opens in Crossville


CROSSVILLE — Crossville has a new holistic cardiology practice. Dr. Kristine Soly has been a physician since 1970, when she received her medical degree from The Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. She did her residency there in internal medicine, and then practiced internal medicine in Springfield, MA, where she also served as an emergency room physician.

She returned to The Medical College of PA and completed a fellowship in cardiology, staying on for two years to set up and serve as the director of its non-invasive cardiac laboratory. She has since been in private practice specializing in cardiology.

Despite having a substantial background in conventional medicine, Dr. Soly began to take interest in the holistic approach after research found that lifestyle changes produced better results than conventional management. Most notably, The Lifestyle Heart Trial, conducted by Dr. Dean Ornish, came along at a time when she was questioning the lackluster results of convention. In this study, patients were tested with a procedure known as cardiac catheterization, which measures how well the heart and it’s blood vessels function. The patients were then randomized into two groups: those who received conventional medical care, and those who were prescribed a lifestyle change program, consisting of low fat vegetarian diet, smoking cessation, stress-management training and moderate exercise.

After one year, a follow-up showed patients in the lifestyle change group had 82 percent regression, whereas patients in the conventional group, (treated with drugs and procedures), showed progression of 53 percent. Angina (chest pain) in the lifestyle change group decreased by 91 percent, and likewise increased in the conventional group by 65 percent.

“So it isn’t that they both worked; one really worked, one really didn’t,” Dr. Soly explained, “The way we were taught, the way I was taught and the way all physicians are taught, this conventional management of coronary artery disease simply doesn’t work.”

Dr. Ornish’s research showed that if you change your lifestyle, plaque will go away. There have been other studies since that have produced the same results. It was because of these studies that Dr. Soly decided to take a different approach in order to make a difference. She took it upon herself to learn things she wasn’t taught in medical school, like how to get people to eat healthy, exercise regularly and to relax. She has been perfecting this approach for the past 30 years. Aside from her practice, she also directs the Holistic Cardiology Learning Center, a resource for learning how to holistically treat chronic and preventable medical conditions, especially coronary heart disease. The center recently passed it’s 13th Anniversary milestone.

“Ninety percent of what ails us, or what could ail us, is prevented, ameliorated or cured with lifestyle changes alone. No drugs, no procedures, nothing else.” she says.

Dr. Soly’s approach also focuses on supplements, which she has found to not only work, but to be safer than prescription medication.

“Taken exactly as prescribed, prescription medications are the fourth leading cause of death in this country. The only thing more prevalent are heart attacks, strokes and cancer,” she explained. 

Dr. Soly’s practice is grounded on building a strong doctor-patient relationship where there is adequate time allowed for communication and education. She also likes to treat her patients with hugs.

Dr. Soly is board certified in cardiology, internal medicine and holistic medicine, and is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. She has also served as president of the Philadelphia Academy of Cardiology. For more information, contact Dr. Soly at (610) 828-8676, or email Her office and the learning center are at 220 Andrews Lane, Crossville, TN 38555.