Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

February 5, 2014

'Keeper of the Woods' new addition to Art Guild’s Sculpture Trail

By Patricia Freed
Glade Sun editor

CROSSVILLE — Fairfield Glade residents are eager to resume outdoor pursuits after a cold, housebound winter. A good walking trail to explore on a sunny day is the Art Guild’s paved and handicapped-accessible Sculpture Trail. Located near Druid Hills next to the Plateau Creative Arts Center, this scenic Sculpture Trail is an offshoot of the paved central trail that travels north-south under Peavine Rd. Two new sculptures have been added to the Sculpture Trail, one of which is a wood-carving called “Keeper of the Woods.”

Wood-carving artist Steve Sullentrup created “Keeper of the Woods’ from a piece of cedar wood he found in a vacant lot next to Watts Bar Lake. Using his artistic mindset, Sullentrup examined the raw piece of cedar, trying to envision the potential that lay just beneath the wood’s surface. He hand-carved six beautiful images within the cedar branches: a wood spirit, a frog, an eagle, two raccoons, a feather and a heron. Sculpture Trail visitors will enjoy the challenge of locating all six images that reside within the “Keeper of the Woods” sculpture.

Sullentrup began wood-carving in 1994 at the suggestion of his wife, Tess, who is also a wood carver and a jewelry designer. Sullentrup’s wood-carving mentor was a neighbor who was a master carver, carpenter and the head of a forestry department. Prior to retiring in 2007, Sullentrup earned a degree in aviation management, and he flew for the airlines for more than 28 years.

The Art Guild Sculpture Trail’s second new sculpture, a piece by Roger Listenberger, will be highlighted in next month’s sculpture garden article. For more information about the Art Guild’s classes, display gallery or sculpture trail, visit the Plateau Creative Arts Center, 451 Lakeview Dr. (off Peavine Rd.) or call 707-7249.