Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 4, 2013

Board talks about cart paths, menus, #5


CROSSVILLE — At the March 28 FGCC Board of Directors meeting it was announced that the revised policy on new homes is now up on the website. There is a new trails notification policy on the website as well – in essence, the owners of homes or lots within 200 feet of a proposed trail must be notified at least 30 days prior to construction. This will allow owners to comment on the proposal before the new trail is built. If there are suggestions or objections for a proposed trail, an owner should discuss it with the trails committee. Appeals to the FGCC Board will be made available, if needed.

President Stackhouse reported that the Dorchester pool cabana is now under construction and is scheduled to be finished by June 1. Members are asked to stay away from the site while construction is underway.  

General Manager Bob Weber announced that 20 resumes have been received for the Director of Marketing position. The plan is to have a person in place by May. The club will be advertising in Knoxville, Chattanooga and Nashville to increase stay-and-play golf packages to help minimize the lull in July and August. The Druid Hills Pro Shop restroom renovations are finished.

Weber also pointed out that Fairfield Glade was featured in the Crossville Chronicle Reader’s Choice Awards – Stonehenge Golf Club was selected as the best golf course, Stonehenge Grill as the best place for desserts, and Fairfield Homes won in the home construction category.

Sue Allen, reporting for the racket committee, said entry forms are now available for the Tennis and Pickleball Tournament in May.

President Stackhouse reported for the strategic planning committee. The committee is looking for ways to make the 905 returned lots productive by creating a useful group of lots. The Community Club offered delinquent owners the option of returning lots to the club via quit claim deeds two years ago. The returned lots are mainly C class lots (no water/sewer). Stackhouse pointed out that there are 18,000 lots in the Glade community; so, the 905 lots are a small percentage of the total.

Stackhouse said that prior boards of directors were under the impression that the voluntary compliance agreement made with the attorney general several years ago prevented the club from foreclosing on delinquent lots. Two years ago, Regina Welch, with approval of the current board, contacted the attorney general for an interpretation of the voluntary agreement. The resulting decision was to allow the Community Club to foreclose on delinquent lots.

Welch explained the 2,200 lots that are delinquent are being worked on constantly, utilizing delinquency notification letters and attorney letters. The process takes about two years.

Jim Etzel, volunteer fire committee, reported that the new fire truck is in service and is located at the Dartmoor station where it is particularly valuable due to the powerful engine that can easily navigate the steep hills in that area. According to Etzel, the fire truck made its first call – a fireplace was lit without first opening the flue. Etzel said that the truck still needs a few equipment items. He said that he will approach County Mayor Carey to see if the county could help out with some of the tax money Fairfield Glade pays to the county for fire protection. Retired Engine #5 is now being advertised for sale in Tennessee for $5,000.

Welch reported the club had $4.7 million cash on hand, $1.4 million sewer fund and $2.9 million club operations fund at the end of February. Golf revenue for the first two months was positive to budget but March revenue is down. The refinancing loan on the Community Center will be closed with the Cumberland County Bank in the next two weeks. The checking and payroll accounts have been set up with the bank. Welch was happy to be working with a local bank. She said an A/R for $52,000 was up for board approval to update and upgrade IT equipment necessary to protect the club’s electronic financial system.

Randy Hoover, public security chief, reported for February: 18 citations issued; five arrests; two domestic violence reports; one burglary; seven theft reports; 63 ambulance calls; 51 residents assists; five vehicle collisions and 959 home security checks.

Fire Chief Howard Robb reported for February: 10 in incidents; four service calls; one small structure fire; a vehicle accident; two helicopter calls; a brush fire; two smoke detectors. There were questions about the fire hazard with dead trees laying in hundreds of lots. Amazingly, according to Fire Chief Robb, most of the downed trees in vacant lots act as a fire retardant due to the amount of moisture within the dead and rotted trees.

Tim Martin, the community services manager, said that bids are out for the Dartmoor spillway project. The Dorchester pool cabana is moving along on schedule for a June 1 opening. The St. George pavilion is two weeks behind schedule.

James Ivankovich, food and beverage manager, reported revenues down $5,838 vs. budget. However, a wage cost savings of $18,229 was attained. The food operations served 6,239 people. Starting April 1 the Legends Restaurant will be open 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sunday brunch hours are 7 a.m. – 1p.m. Stonehenge Grill will be open 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. daily, including Sunday. The Glade Café is opening under the new name Relish; hours 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. daily. April will feature new revised menus at Stonehenge and Legends. See the ads in the Glade Sun and on the website for April weekly specials and events: karaoke, wine tasting, prime rib nights, community appreciation nights, chicken pasta nights, tax day specials and more.

Steve Kraft, golf director, reported February golf rounds were over budget by 356 rounds. Paid rounds totaled 2,101; 3,175 players serviced. Dorchester golf course re-opened in April with the irrigation system done. The best news is the new cement cart paths from hole number 13 past hole number 15's green. The rest of the Dorchester cart paths were to be resurfaced by March 30. The cart path funds became available due to savings from the irrigation project. Kraft said he learned his priorities because the club spent $1.4 million on the irrigation system, yet member compliments were 100 to one on the $28,000 restroom renovations. 

Demo day will be Wednesday, April 17 at Stonehenge. The Member Match Play Tournament is being moved from fall to spring. It will start April 20. The women spots are already full with a waiting list. There are some openings for the men. 

There was an appeal to the board for an ACC fine of $800 on a property cleanup problem. The appeal was denied.

The IT upgrade A/R for $52,000 was approved. The $14,792 A/R for new pool furniture at Dorchester and a life guard chair at the Druid pool was approved. $18,000 was approved for architectural services on the Druid Hills cabana. $126,508 was approved for 72 golf carts at Stonehenge. This is a five year rotation plan to replace carts at each course. President Stackhouse said the net cost is about $1,500 per cart due to a $2,500 credit on existing carts.