Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 4, 2013

Neighbors Together Against Cancer – Look for the “Blue Envelope”


CROSSVILLE — The Fairfield Glade Advisory Committee of the American Cancer Society (ACS) urges Glade residents each year to “Look for the Blue Envelope.” The envelope is your invitation to make an annual donation to the American Cancer Society (ACS) and be counted. The envelope will be received during the first week of April inside of a larger white envelope mailing from the mid-south division of the ACS. Try as we might, we never have a complete mailing list for Fairfield Glade. If you do not receive your blue envelope, please stop by the Village Green Mall the week of April 22 – 27 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to drop off your donation and be greeted by one of our ACS Advisory Committee volunteers. The ACS regional office in Cookeville works closely with our advisory committee. All funds donated are identified as coming from Fairfield Glade via the Blue Envelope or through the week long vigil our members make at the Village Green Mall. We know that you probably receive many other solicitations to fight cancer and for other worthy causes. We believe, as you do, that your donations to these various organizations are not in vain and they do reflect your personal generosity. As a community, Fairfield Glade is more than generous in donation of time, talent and treasure to many worthy causes. The fight against cancer is one national and worldwide effort where Fairfield Glade residents may make a personal annual donation that also is tallied as a community donation.

The American Cancer Society web site at is very well organized. The web site is able to update you on the latest information, as well as provide history on the decades long fight against cancer in all its many forms. Fighting cancer is as much a battle of education, information and legislation as it is about medical research, medical practice and nutrition. In our brief series of articles each year we try to bring you up-to-date and important news about the war on cancer. We also try to concentrate on local stories of interest. There is much more new information about cancer today than there was a year ago. All of this information is available at, and yet cancer remains a mass killer. Please take time to visit the web site, if for no other reason than merely to become acquainted with the broad range of topics and information available. And for this year of 2013, please “Look for the Blue Envelope.” Thank you for your participation in the war against cancer through Neighbors Together Against Cancer.