Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 4, 2013

FFG Post Office may close soon


CROSSVILLE — At the FGCC board meeting March 28 it was learned that the post office at the Village Green Mall will close within 30 days, unless state and federal representatives intervene or the Community Club provides subsidy funds.

David Offutt, owner of the mall, made a presentation to the board of directors explaining the situation. Recently, post office representatives informed him that his contract will be cancelled unless he accepts a 51 percent reduction in the post office operating subsidy from $64,000 to only $31,000.

According to Offutt, the cost to operate the FFG post office is about $74,000 annually. He said that he has absorbed the $10,000 deficit in the past in order to continue providing the services to residents. However, he cannot absorb a $43,000 annual deficit in order to keep the post office open. The post office intends to cancel his contract within 30 days unless the mall owner agrees to the annual fee reduction.

Offutt addressed the board to apprise them of the situation and to see if the board would be interested in subsidizing the post office with club funds in order to keep it open and serving the Fairfield Glade community.

There was much discussion about contacting state and federal representatives in an attempt to stop the closing. It was suggested that the only way that would be successful is if hundreds of FFG residents would immediately write their representatives explaining the hardship that closing would cause thousands of seniors living in Fairfield Glade. President Stackhouse said that an “email blast” would be sent out alerting residents of the situation. He also said that any further decisions by the board on the post office situation would be determined by the desires of the club’s membership.