Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

January 17, 2013

Sanitation offers best practices for trash pick-up


CROSSVILLE — The Fairfield Glade Sanitation Department would like to review the various policies and safety procedures that need to be followed regarding trash pick-up. We strive to provide our community with the best service possible but need your help in following these simple rules.

Trash Pick-up Do's and Don'ts

Do have your trash out before 8 a.m. the morning of your designated pick-up day. This will save the club significant fuel costs and time by not having to go back and pick-up trash because it wasn't out in time.

Do limit the weight of your trash to 40 pounds per trash bag.

Do use trash bags instead of leaving loose trash.

Do recycle cardboard, which can be taken to the transfer station located on Peavine Rd on your way to town. This is especially true for heavy cardboard like moving boxes.

Don't include construction debris, furniture, appliances, etc. We can only pick up residential trash.

Don't include the following items in your trash: live ammunition, paint, motor oil or dead animals.

Safety first

Probably the biggest fear our Sanitation Department has is getting hit by an impatient motorist. We've actually had residents drive their vehicle in the ditch to get around a sanitation truck because they are in a hurry to get somewhere. This is unsafe for all parties. There is ample time between pick-up stops to safely pass the sanitation trucks. Please realize the sanitation crew has a hard enough job to do without having to worry about being hit by a motorist.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding sanitation service

How do I dispose of yard waste?

Leaves, twigs, lawn cuttings and branches can be taken to the leaf/brush dump area located at the Old Sportsman's Club on Drew Howard Rd. This area is for property owners' use only, no contractors or subcontractors. Turn by Cumberland County Bank onto Dartmoor Dr., bear left at the fork and the club will be on the left. Hours are Monday through Friday, dawn to dusk.

Fall and spring leaf pick up will be posted in the Glade Sun. Typically, the fall leaf pick up begins the second Monday in November and runs until seven days prior to Christmas Eve; they have a route they go by and pass by each residence at least twice. The spring leaf pick up is the first two full weeks in April. Further questions may be directed to 484-3780 ext. 2135.

How do I establish my trash pickup? Call the Sanitation Department at 484-3780 to find out what day your pickup is scheduled.

What time will my trash be picked up? Have your trash on the curb by 8 a.m. Routes vary, so we ask that you have it out by 8 a.m. on your scheduled day.

Do I need a special container? You can set your trash out in a bag or in a trash container but remember that someone has to lift the trash into the truck, so please don't overload your bags. Bagged trash must be limited to 40 pounds. Persons using the very large municipal-type containers are asked to bag their trash in separate bags so that the sanitation personnel can safely empty the container. Containers/bags weighing more than 40 pounds will be tagged as overweight and left behind. Animals do occasionally get into the trash left overnight on the curb, so beware. We can not pick up your bags if you mix yard waste or other prohibited items with your trash. Also, please remember to properly dispose of any needles (place in a sharps disposal container or a plastic container such as a 2-liter soda bottle). 

Are there any items that you can't take? Yes, these items include ammunition (if you have ammunition to dispose of, please call the Community Services Department at 484-3780), batteries (automotive type), used motor oil, tires, dead animals, propane tanks, paint, contractor's refuse, lumber, refrigerators, air conditioners and refrigerant gases. We can no longer take large furniture, appliances, large cardboard  boxes or large quantities of cardboard from moving or remodeling. These items (except dead animals, which can be buried and yard waste, which can be taken to the leaf/brush dump area) may be taken to the Recycling Center (484-9328), located at 96 Marietta St. The  Convenience Center located off of Peavine Rd on Bean Pot Campground Rd will also take cardboard.

The Recycling Center will announce the dates they will collect paint containers and chemicals in the local paper. This is usually some time in October.

What about furniture and appliances? Old appliances and large furniture items can be taken to the Recycling Center on Marietta St. If the items can still be used Good Samaritans (484-3225) or other charitable organizations can be contacted for pick up.

Do you take recyclables? At this time, we are not equipped or staffed to handle recyclables. The Convenience Center located off of Peavine Rd on Bean Pot Campground Rd will take cardboard, plastics, newspaper and scrap metal. The Recycling Center in Crossville will take all types of recyclables but you must transport them on your own.

What if I miss my regular trash pick up? Do not bring your trash to the General Maintenance area. Take it to the Convenience Center located on Bean Pot Campground Rd or the Recycling Center in Crossville.

How do I properly dispose of used hypodermic needles? Break the needle off and place the entire apparatus in a plastic bottle such as a 2-liter bottle or similar enclosed container.

What about holidays? Check the Glade Sun, the website (click on Sanitation under Community Services, then click on Holiday Trash schedule) or call the office (484-3780) to find out these schedules.