Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

September 11, 2013

Vorjohan sure to 'Wow' the audience at Sept. 23 RHA show

By Keith Pontius
Sun contributor

CROSSVILLE — Tom Vorjohan, a resident of Knoxville, and known throughout the country, will bring an outstanding evening of fun, magic, comedy, interaction and variety. We have quite a number of new residents in the Glade, and we want to encourage many of you to take advantage of this opportunity and check out the Fairfield Glade Resident Homeowner’s Association and its programs. This promises to be the highlight of the year.

Tom Vorjohan became interested in magic at the age of 12 when he did a report on a magic book; less than a year later he was a “paid performer” at a Mother-Daughter banquet. In the 28 years since that first show, he has taken his teenage hobby and made it his obsession and profession. At the beginning of the new millennium, Tom quit his “day job” as an engineer and middle manager at Alcoa (after 10 years) to pursue his passion in magic full time. There hasn’t been a single regret because he truly loves making people laugh and enjoy themselves.

Tom loves magic … and audiences love Tom!  He performs more than 250 shows a year throughout Tennessee and around the country. His zany presentation of magic is funny as well as polished, professional and very entertaining. The key to his act is the way in which he interacts with the audience and gets them involved in the humor and antics from the very start of his routine. His act is very spontaneous and audiences admire his quick wit and energetic style. Tom has had several TV appearances, including three different commercials. 

While in his junior year at college in 1985, Tom began performing close-up magic in restaurants. This form of magic – “table hopping” as referred to by magicians – has been a love of Tom’s ever since. He has been a part of the ambiance of various restaurants in Cincinnati, Evansville, Terre Haute, Dallas and Knoxville. Tom was offered a fulltime position as the house magician at a luxury resort in Boca Raton, FL.

For a great evening – make your reservations now! With Tom Vorjohan…you get FUN! get COMEDY…you get INTERACTION…you get EXPERIENCE…you get VARIETY!

This is the 40th year for RHA and attendance has been rather sluggish this year. To assure that this organization will continue its regular programming next year, we need to see some encouragement for that to happen. Our dues money is all that we have to bring good entertainment. Non-members can attend the final three programs of the year by paying $6 each for the entertainment. October’s meeting will bring you a timely Old Time German Band and November will star the ever popular Jason Ross from the Playhouse, Ashley Krohn and Dennis Donald.

RHA meets on the fourth Monday of each month, except May and December. Depending on our responses, consideration is being given dropping the January and February meetings, with this to be decided at the October meeting.

To make your reservations, call Carol Pontius at 484-3138, or email to  Social Hour at Legends begins at 5 p.m. and dinner is served at 6 p.m. Cost of the meal is $17 per person which includes tax and tip. When emailing reservations, if you don’t get a confirmation back, send again, or call to make sure your reservation was properly recorded. Your participation is greatly appreciated. Deadline for reservations is Thursday, Sept. 19. Note that if you make a reservation and do not attend, you are responsible for payment of the cost of the meal. RHA must guarantee the number of reservations on Thursday afternoon, Sept. 19. The meal for this meeting will be grilled Ham Steak with pineapple Chutney, whipped garlic red smashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots, house salad and dessert. A Heart Smart meal can also be ordered.

When making your reservations, you can make up your own table of six or eight, or you can just reserve for yourself and we will get you seated with a good group. If you do have a group that you would like to sit with, please indicate that when making your reservation.

Men are requested to wear jackets; ties are optional. Everyone is asked to wear a name badge to help everyone get acquainted. A Name Badge will be provided if you do not have one, or you will be able to buy a special RHA badge.

For easier reference for the treasurer, we ask that whenever possible, please write a check for your meals, or entertainment. RHA is strictly a social event featuring a good dinner and entertainment, and provides a great opportunity for you to meet and greet your neighbors.