Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 17, 2013

FFG post office up for grabs

By Clinton Gill
Glade Sun editor

CROSSVILLE — The Fairfield Glade Community Club board of directors announced the termination of their contract with the local post office branch at the Dec. 12 meeting, citing profitability concerns as the reason for the split.

“Since the board of directors and staff do not believe we could operate a post office at a profit, and because a post office is not part of the Community Club’s core business, we have asked the United States Postal Service to terminate our Contract Postal Unit (CPU) contract and to find another entity that would be willing to have a CPU in their retail establishment,” said Phil Gover, board president.

As such, the Postal Service is looking for an existing business located within the Fairfield Glade community to partner with. A notice explaining the criteria for partnership has been posted  inside the Crossville P.O. Some of those qualifications include the use of approximately 180 square feet of space within a business and handicap accessibility.

In the interim, the USPS and the board have indicated hopes for a smooth transition that will not affect any of their current customers adversely. “The current Fairfield Glade Post Office should continue to operate as is until another CPU is in operation,” said Gover.

The bids for the Druid Hills pool cabana are in and a contract has been rewarded. Johnson Builders out of Doyle, TN won the contract. An appropriations request in the amount of $321,000 was approved to complete the project. The total cost for the cabana will be $342,000, $21,000 of which had been previously approved by the board. It was announced that the pool will operate without a lifeguard, which was not well received by a few of the members in attendance. However, members of the board pointed out that many resorts have pools without lifeguards. To date, the indoor pool at the Conference & Community Center has operated without a lifeguard and without incident.

The board also approved ARs in the amount of $39,500 for a 2014 Ford Explorer to be used by Public Safety, as well as $169,376 for an irrigation satellite controller's upgrade for Heatherhurst Golf Maintenance. It was noted that Public Safety currently has three vehicles with more than 200,000 miles and needed a new vehicle to supplement the aging fleet. Additionally, the upgrades to the satellite system are expected to have a 20-30 year life span.

Deferred maintenance is currently being conducted on the multipurpose building. The siding project should be completed by around the end of the year. Additionally, a desilting permit has finally been received from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation; however, those operations will be deferred until some time in the first six months of next year.

Regina Welch reported the club's total revenues for the year were $19,672,604. The club has $4,053,927 cash-on-hand, with $2.2 million in the Operations Fund, $1.2  million in the Wastewater Systems Fund and $600,493 in the Capital and Amenity Reserve Funds. There are 2,495 delinquent accounts, more than half of which are more than three years old. The board is working with the owners to resolve their accounts, including options for a property transfer program that has been very successful. So far the club has collected more than $232,000 in property transfer fees that go into the amenity reserve fund.

Golf rounds took a hit in November, coming in at 1,364 less than budget and 1,131 less than last year due to poor weather. Wet weather put a damper on golf this year. Revenues from one of Fairfield Glade's biggest attractions were about $330,000 under budget year-to-date.

For November, Wyndham resorts had a total of 638 check-ins, which translates into 4,914 guests that stayed in the community for an average of four and a half days.

Finally, resident Ed Lewis took the floor to voice concerns about the Affordable Care Act impacting the local fire department. Recent reports indicate that under the ACA's employer mandate, volunteer fire departments could be forced to offer insurance if they have more than 50 full-time volunteers. The Fairfield Glade department currently has 63 members. Though it is expected that the administration will issue wavers to VFDs, the board is looking into the matter and should have a report at the next board meeting in January.