Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 5, 2014

PATCHES OF LIFE: Took our toes to the beach

By Beverly Schwind
Sun contributor

CROSSVILLE — My daughter –in–law insists on me getting a pedicure when I visit her in Florida. Since the plans for the week included the beach, I was in favor. Well, to be honest I would have been in favor beach or no beach.

We packed our beach chairs, drinks, snacks, towels and two teenagers and drove to the beach on a warm sunny day. Everyone else must have the same idea, as the cars packed the road and we crawled in some areas. The sun was shining.

The teenage girls had primped and carefully selected a wardrobe becoming to the beach. When we came into the beach area, an hour later, we made note of restaurants that would be good to stop at on our way home.

We pulled near the beach and unloaded the car. We walked to the sandy beach as a huge cloud came over the beach. “It will pass.”

No, it stayed on the beach right over us. The wind picked up and the white caps appeared on the ocean. There was a definite chill in the air and I put my beach towel over my head and wrapped in it. But my manicured toes showed.

The girls decided to sit on the blanket to have some chips, sweatshirts covering their tiny bathing suits. The minute they opened the bag a flock of gulls came swooping down, and the girls went undercover. The gulls waited, daring them to eat while they were present. The girls munched their snacks while hiding under the blanket.

“Let’s leave” my granddaughter said.

“No,” her mother said, “I like the beach. We just got here.”

Moist air began blowing in from the ocean and now we could hardly see down the beach as a fog formed. My daughter-in law laughed, she too had only her manicured toes showing.

The girls started making sand chairs and became creative as I watched the time drag. I tried to read but the pages were limp from the dampness and my glasses were fogging up. Finally, we had done our duty at the beach and started packing up thinking about the restaurant we had picked out.

The restaurant was great. My other granddaughter and her college friends joined us and we had a great meal. We ordered hot coffee. The waitress, with sweat dripping from her brow rushing to take care of all the customers, was amazed that we wanted hot coffee and not cold beer.

When we got home, my husband and son asked, “How was the beach?” 

“It was great. I enjoyed the girls; I didn’t get sunburned, had a great seafood dinner and my toes look great.”