Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

February 26, 2013

3 local artists featured in Oak Ridge exhibit

By Sharron Eckert
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — The Oak Ridge Art Center is hosting an exhibit exclusively by women artists, entitled "Women’s Work: Be Careful What You Wish For," through March 2. Three women from Crossville, Kay Dillon, Sharron Eckert, and Camilla Stranton Emerson, are participating in the exhibit which features 36 others. These women are members of the Art Guild at Fairfield Glade and also participate in the Shanks Center for the Arts. The Oak Ridge exhibit includes a paragraph about each piece with expressive text. The Center warns, "While wishes are a common theme to us all, so are the unanticipated effects those wishes may bring. This show is for the dreamers and the realists." This show is primarily an invitational exhibition, although several open invitations were distributed.

Kay Dillon’s poignant mixed media is titled, "Failed Adoption" and she writes, "We adopted a child 47 years ago. He has turned out to be nothing but trouble. Some of the animals (in this piece) are symbolic, but the bottle is his icon. Incidently, surprise! I eventually had a child and he is a delight."

Sharron Eckert is exhibiting "Free Form," which is a shadow box with a natural fiber piece made of long leaf pine needles and raffia. Eckert writes, "In beginning this piece, my plan was to deviate from the symmetry that is inherent in my patterns of coiling long leaf pine needles with raffia thread. The work became an amoeboid organism that was changing shape as I proceeded. Gradually the creature and I relaxed and we both captured a point-in-time."

Camilla Stranton Emerson’s piece is titled, "To Rise Above It all" and is a mixed media wall sculpture of wood pieces and pipe. Emerson described her piece, "A woman’s work is never done! Sometimes I wish I could fly away above the clouds and escape all of life’s demands. That’s when my creative spirit carries me away from it all and takes me to a quiet place."

The Oak Ridge Art Center is at 201 Badger Ave., Oak Ridge TN, phone 865-482-1441. Business hours are Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Saturday-Sunday-Monday, 1-4 p.m.