Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

April 17, 2014

AROUND THE TOWN: The Easter egg hunt that never was

By Jan Boston Sellers
Chronicle correspondent

CROSSVILLE — The Easter Bunny should be able to deliver his baskets in pretty nice weather this weekend. The Good Friday and Easter holiday weekend should feature much warmer temperatures than we had earlier this week when snow showers fell on Cumberland County. Cumberland County students were released Tuesday for spring break, but their last day of school for the week found snow and ice falling from the sky and temperatures in the 20s. Students will return to class on Monday.

As I watched parents everywhere shop for those much anticipated baskets full of goodies to leave out on Sunday morning, it reminded me of a particular Easter when I was growing up and hunting Easter eggs. My Grandpa Boston had a dog, a hybrid of some sort, perhaps Malamute and German shepherd, who weighed in around 135 pounds. This dog, as big and menacing looking as he was, had been properly trained by Grandpa, and all of us kids loved him and he loved us. He was always around when we were playing outside and probably would have bitten someone had they attempted to hurt anyone of us.

One Easter Sunday afternoon, we were all gathered at Grandpa and Grandma’s for the traditional egg hunt. The adults hid the eggs, as we kids waited anxiously inside. When they finally told us we could begin the hunt, we raced outdoors and frantically begin searching for the eggs. Quite a few minutes later, none of us had found an egg. In those days, we had no plastic eggs. All of our eggs were fresh eggs that had been boiled and then dyed and decorated. Old Rusty wrongly assumed the adults had hidden those dozens of eggs for his sheer pleasure. He had located and eaten every one of them! Best I remember, he was finally found with the remains of the last one in his mouth. My dad later said he remembered Rusty lying in the grass, not moving, but his large, gold colored eyes moving back and forth as they hid the eggs.

It wasn’t quite the egg hunt we had anticipated, but all these years later, it is still the one we all remember the most.

I hope you have a fabulous Good Friday and a happy Easter Sunday! If you are traveling over the holiday weekend, please remember to watch for other motorists, wear your safety belts, observe the speed limits and please don’t drink and drive.


Early voting began Wednesday for the May primary elections for key county offices such as county mayor and sheriff. You can cast your votes early at the Cumberland County Election Commission office between now and May 1 during regular business hours. Remember, voting early is a good idea if you are planning on being out of town or otherwise engaged on Election Day, Tuesday, May 6.

Don’t forget about the TAD Center’s Pitch, Hit and Run Contest Saturday, May 3. The baseball/softball skills competition is free for all 7-14 year-old boys and girls. It is free to enter and any interested participants can come by the center to sign up early, or register the day of the event. The competition will begin at 9 a.m. at Garrison Ball Park.