Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 13, 2013

127 Seniors enjoy trip to Renfro Valley Entertainment Center

By Lucy Elmore
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — Our meeting was called to order by President Emil Neitzke at 10:45 a.m., followed by a prayer led by Bob Jones. This was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Connie Tyler announced a recall by Bumble Bee of their Chunk Light Tuna and White Albacore, advising the membership to toss out any cans that have "best by" dates between Jan. 14 and 18, 2016. The company discovered seals on the cans may be faulty, making the food vulnerable to spoilage and contamination which could sicken consumers. Remember, "When in doubt, throw it out."

Treasurer Jan gave her monthly report and reminded us that our Renfro trip departure time had been changed to leave at 12:30 p.m. Those of us who went on this trip were treated to a home cookin' style meal of ham, fried chicken, mashed taters, cole slaw, green beans, yummy rolls and a dessert of peach cobbler. After this dinner we saw a really terrific show at the Renfro Valley Entertainment Center in Kentucky. What a show... even Elvis was in the building!

Jan announced she has the itineraries ready for the April trip to Memphis. Members can contact her for your copy and place your dinner order for the Texas Roadhouse. This trip is sold out.

The May trip to Sutton General Store costs $55 which is due by April 12. In June, the big trip to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales is sold out. In July, we will visit a day lily garden, where we'll tour the garden in a wagon. This trip costs $50 and it is due by May 31. Aug. 13, we will visit the Jack Daniels Distillery and have dinner at Miss Mary Bobo's. This trip costs $47 which is due by July 19.

There are still three seats available for the second trip to Mackinac Island, MI, in September. Deposits for this trip are due by April 15. Oct. 8, we will visit Dollywood for a Southern Gospel Music Show and the payment of $75 is due by Sept. 13. In November we will see "Sweet Surrender" at the Cumberland County Playhouse. We will carpool for this trip and follow the play with dinner at Gondola Restaurant.

Jan reminded members that she still has four tables available for rent for the coming summer Corridor Sale. These tables rent for $45 for all three days. Anyone interested should contact Jan at 788-3667 for these rentals and for any trips. Anyone having items to donate for the Corridor Sale can bring them in at any time and if you need help with any large items, contact Emil.

Next Friday, Jan and the kitchen volunteers will be preparing a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner for us at a cost of $7 per member for this special meal. Tickets will be offered at the door on entering the center, and you must turn in your ticket to enter the dining room for the dinner.

Sunshine lady Nancy Fincher reported on members who are not doing well at this time and prayers were requested for their speedy recovery.

Tom Fincher is preparing for our coming musical program on June 8 at the Palace Theatre and asked for a volunteer to be stage manager. No one has stepped forward yet.

Our entertainers for this meeting were Sandy and Judy harmonizing and Paul with his harmonica with great tunes we remember from the '50s. It was so good to hear those memorable sounds again.