Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 26, 2013

127 Seniors recognizes new chairmen for 2014

By Elaine Mumme
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — The 127 South Cumberland Senior Center gathered Dec. 20 to play billiards, dominos and bingo. Arlene Simmons called the bingo numbers, and the prizes were furnished by Buckeye Home Health. The members want to thank all the organizations and individuals who furnished the bingo prizes throughout the year of 2013.

Emil Neitzke, president, opened the general meeting at 10:30 a.m., with Velma Pauley saying the opening prayer and Marietta Dion leading the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jan Neitzke gave her report on the following trips: the final payment is due Jan. 17 for the New Orleans trip in April. The payment of $42 for the Corvette plant tour is due Jan. 3. The deposit of $100 for the Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine trip is due Jan. 3.

Mario (Gabby) Gambaccini read a "The Night Before Christmas," which was not the traditional one, but one where Santa is overlooking a soldier who is defending the country. Made you feel heartwarming with a tear in your eye. Thank you, Gabby.

Nancy Fincher, sunshine lady, reported on all the sick members of the center. Keep all them in your hearts and prayers. Also, never forget all the men and women in the military in your prayers. She also gave a brief report on the upcoming Cumberland County Playhouse for 2014.

Carol Kirkland thanked everyone for their support through the many years that she was the entertainment chairman. Kirkland did a wonderful job and the members thanked her. Tom Fincher is the new entertainment chairman as of 2014. Emil announced that Anna Cox is the kitchen leader and Rachel Schellinger is the chairman for Game Day, which is held the third Tuesday of the month. All members are encouraged to partake in the next game day, which is Jan. 21.

The entertainment hour was quite informative with the mayor of Crossville, J.H. Graham III. The members had a number of questions and suggestions for Mayor Graham. Leonard Hollender pointed out to the mayor that his mother, Marcia Putman, donated a beautiful picture of two koala bears, which hangs in their meeting room. The picture was donated in honor of Leonard Hollender in 2012 for "Senior of the Year." Thank you, Mayor Graham, for spending some time with the members.

After the dinner prayer, the members had a delicious chicken and dumplings prepared by Anna Cox and her helpers, Marietta and Velma. As this year comes to an end, the members wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a happy new year.