Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

July 11, 2013

AROUND THE TOWN: Reading is my 'drug of choice'

By Jan Boston Sellers
Chronicle correspondent

— I am a voracious reader. I often joke that reading is my “drug of choice.” A few hours without the written word and I am jonesing for my next fix. I keep a large stack of books in my possession and start breaking out into a cold sweat when the pile begins to shrink. I then begin looking for my favorite dealers: Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble. Once my stash has been bought, the withdrawals subside. Weeks or sometimes even days later, the entire process begins again in an effort to keep withdrawals at bay.

I jest, of course, when I compare it to the nightmare of drug addiction; however, it often feels just as compelling as a substance addicted person must feel, as a lot of my time is spent acquiring my next “high.” I am constantly perusing magazines and other media for review of books, dissecting the ones I want to read, locating the book, buying the book and, once I have two or more read, start the cycle again.

The rainy weather over the Fourth of July holiday weekend allowed me to fuel my addiction surreptitiously. I read two books, a stack of magazines, my devotions, newspapers and a couple of cereal boxes. I had lots of uninterrupted time to savor my substance.

Imagine then, my surprise, when I read an article in this month’s More magazine about a woman who charges people to match them with books. She is the book version of , eHarmony or Rather than pairing up couples, she bonds readers with material, and she is paid handsomely for it. Her fee? $125 dollars an hour! She calls herself a “bibliotherapist.”

Noreen Tomassi’s business is located in midtown Manhattan, according to the More article, and she will handpick 12 books for her clients. Her recommendations come after she conducts a 45-minute phone call interviewing readers about their likes and dislikes and reading history. The name of her business is, and I love this play on words, A Novel Approach.

A bibliotherapist really sounds like a job I would like to have. I think I will get online and see if I can determine what the requirements are for bibliotherapy. The only problem I see with having a position like that one is I may get lost reading during my research.


The public is invited to a bridge dedication ceremony July 16 for USMC Sergeant Morgan Strader. The bridge is over Daddy’s Creek (just west of Crab Orchard on Rt. 70). The event will get underway at 11 a.m. on that Tuesday morning.


The Cumberland County High School Class of 1978 will host its 35th class reunion Saturday, Aug. 31, from 6 p.m. to midnight at the Two Hearts Event Center, 24 Oak Rd. The night will include a catered dinner, entertainment by Dave Bartley and a group photo. The price is $25 per single or $40 a couple. Contact Tim Blaylock at 200-7106 for more information or visit the 1978 reunion page on Facebook.


Registrations are underway for the fourth annual United Fund Golf Tournament. It is a four-man scramble with a shotgun start Saturday, Aug. 3 at the Dorchester Golf Course. The team registration will include dinner and a mulligan package with string, forward tee and throw. All proceeds will benefit the United Fund of Cumberland County. If you need additional information, please contact the UF office. That number is 484-4082. Tournament sponsors are CoLinx and First Bank Mortgage.