Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

December 19, 2013

Rescue Squad grateful for UF partnership


CROSSVILLE — The Cumberland County Rescue Squad is grateful for its partnership with the United Fund of Cumberland County. They would like to share a real life story of how the Cumberland County Rescue Squad benefits people here in the community.

On a recent weekend, a family left home to have lunch on Millstone Mountain. Every thing was going great until the family got stuck in mud and busted a tire trying to get out. Their cell phone had very little signal and they didn’t know where they were. The father called 911 and asked for help. He was told they would send out the Cumberland County Rescue Squad ASAP. It was getting dark fast and the cold was setting in and the family began to get scared.

The Cumberland County Rescue Squad got the call that people were lost and needed help. The Rescue Squad sent out a call to all their volunteers to leave work, family and life behind to come help. Vehicles and equipment used to go into places that are hard to maneuver were assembled.

The Rescue Squad team traveled to an area off Ozone Falls, traveling about four miles off the paved roads and found the family. The Rescue Squad was thankful that they were able to bring the family out and returned them to their home safe and sound.

The Rescue Squad is trained and have necessary equipment ready to serve when needed. They are certified in area diving, swift water rescue, cave rescue, hi angel and rope and search and rescue. As a service to other agencies, they offer CPR and first aid training at low to no charge.

When you call the Rescue Squad is ready and willing to help because the United Fund of Cumberland County has helped us. Without the funding they receive they could not provide the services and help to others in need. Not

only does the United Fund provide funds, but their willingness to help others in the area is priceless.

When your call comes in the Rescue Squad is able to respond because you give to the United Fund. Thank you for all your support.