Crossville Chronicle, Crossville, TN

March 31, 2014

Vial of Life going county wide

By David H. Prigg
Chronicle contributor

CROSSVILLE — The Vial of Life, a program developed through a team effort of Fairfield Glade Resident Services, the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, the Cumberland Medical Center, EMS, and 911 is happy to announce that the Vial of Life is now available to all residents of Cumberland County. This program, sponsored in part by the International Rotary Club of Fairfield Glade, the VEC CustomersShare Program, and other generous donations will be an ongoing program.

Starting in 2008, Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS) began distributing the VOL to residents of Fairfield Glade. Because of the help it provides to the first responders in medical emergencies, and the hospital ER personnel it has been decided to expand the program throughout the county.

What is the Vial of Life? The Vial of Life is a plastic container filled with your medical information such as history, medications you are taking, allergies, etc, along with contact information regarding the names of your doctors and your emergency family contacts. This information will aid emergency personnel in providing the proper treatment in the case of an emergency when you may be unable to speak for yourself. Kept in the freezer of your home and the glove box of your automobile, a sticker is placed near your front door and on the outside of your glove box that alerts the emergency team as to the presence of this helpful Vial of Life. It is recommended that the VOL forms be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Compared to VOL programs in other U.S. communities, the VOL provided by FGRS offers some special features: improved identity theft protection, expanded contact information, and the extended protection when traveling in your automobile.

The Vial of Life is provided in a convenient kit which contains two information vials — one for your home, the other for your auto. You are responsible for filling out the forms contained in each vial. The VOL kits are distributed “free of charge” and are now available to all county residents who are interested. To get your VOL go to any of the following distribution points.

Around the county you can go to the Cumberland Medical Center, Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department, 911 headquarters, or the EMS headquarters. In Westel, town residents can pick up a VOL packet at the EMT and Fire Department or call Will Davis at (931) 335-3100.

If you live in Fairfield Glade and still don’t have yours yet, pick up your VOL at the FGRS Center, CMC Wellness Complex, FFG Fire Department, Good Samaritans-FG, or the Fairfield Glade Public Safety Office.

FGRS is happy to be serving our community believing that “Together, We Can Enhance Our Quality of Life.”