MONDAY — Choice of one: Whole grain chicken pretzels or macaroni and cheese. Choice of two: Mashed potatoes, whole kernel corn, cooked carrots, Red Delicious apple wedges or sliced peaches. Caramel dip.

TUESDAY — Choice of one: Pepperoni "smart" pizza or chicken soft tacos. Choice of two: Mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots and sliced cucumber with dip, pears or red grapes. Apple sticks.

WEDNESDAY — Choice of one: Cheese pizza bites or chicken fajita. Choice of two: Curly fries, sliced pepper trio, broccoli and cheese, cantaloupe and applesauce. Cheesecake.

THURSDAY — Choice of one: Asian chicken and rice with egg roll or beef and cheese nachos. Choice of two: Mixed Oriental vegetables, baked potato, garden side salad, pineapples or banana. Fruit cocktail with whipped topping.

FRIDAY — Choice of one: Hot dog with chili on wheat bun or fish sandwich with cheese on wheat bun. Choice of two: Fries, corn on the cob, sandwich trimmings, sliced peaches or orange wedges. Fruit-By-The-Foot.