The year-long fundraising efforts of the Fairfield Glade Ladies Club came to fruition at the June meeting. More than $57,575 was distributed to deserving entities in Cumberland County which included $22,500 in scholarship awards. In addition, monthly service projects for which members bring specific items needed by area social services totaled $7,598. The 550-plus members of the club, and their sponsors, are proud to have made a $65,173 investment in Cumberland County and are pleased to announce the scholarship recipients.

Concentrating on non-traditional students, Co-Chairs Sara Flohr and Barbara Storer and their committee selected nine deserving adult women to benefit from the club’s generosity and continued investment in the community. Committee members who spent many hours reviewing qualifications and financial need were Linda Reiss, Jane Wicker, Cherie Trapp, Pam Oberle, Ruth Pavelchik, Jackie Wakefield and Sue Janssen.

Recipients of renewal grants for the Pam A. Biggs Scholarship Awards were Danielle Brannon, Mia Mijatovic, Ivy Turner and Cassie Wyatt.

The nine new winners are remarkable adult women. One selectee supports a disabled husband and two sons, while employed as a full-time nursing assistant and maintains a 4.0 in the RN program at Roane State! As the mother of five, a full-time school bookkeeper received a scholarship to pursue her dream of becoming an RN.

In addition to dealing with a significant illness in the family, an honor student in Business Administration has been on the President’s List for three semesters. Another self-supporting young woman was inspired to work towards a nursing degree after seeing the role nurses played during the illness and death of her grandfather. A full-time Radiologic Technology student works part-time at Fairfield Glade to support herself and at a clinic in Jamestown as part of her college classes. A working mother of two teenagers, a recipient was inspired by her grandmother to become a teacher. She has been admitted to Tennessee Technological University for the final two years to complete her Bachelor’s Degree and looks forward to helping the community by helping the community’s children.

Returning to college after raising several adopted children, another recipient is pursuing a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville. Heeding her father’s advice, "You can do anything you want in life, as long as you get a college degree," another young woman, who has completed two years study at Roane State, is moving on to Middle Tennessee State University to major in Business Administration. A full-time LPN at Cumberland Medical Center received funds to help her become a Registered Nurse.

The Fairfield Glade Ladies Club began awarding scholarships in 1977 with two gifts of $300 each. Totals through 2014 are 270 recipients and a total dollar investment of $291,000! Congratulations to the recipients and to the club members who worked so hard to make these dreams possible.